Find The Right Shelving System: The Little Guide To Modern Warehouse Logistics

Above all else, the right shelving system should be reliable and perfectly adapted to the concrete needs. Optimal order and flexibility are the nuts and bolts of high-quality storage systems. Especially for larger companies with a wide range of products and a great deal of materials and accessories, modern shelving systems are simply indispensable. But how do you find the perfect storage solution? Are shelf shelves, office shelving, pallet shelving or rather long span shelving the best decision? Which type of shelves should you prefer, a plug-in or a screwdriving system? We would like to clarify this in the next few lines and help you choose the perfect shelving system.

Shelf racks – the universal storage solution

Some of the most popular shelf systems used by companies, both commercial and industrial, are shelf shelves. These offer plenty of storage space, are relatively cheap to buy and quite versatile or customizable. As the term suggests, these shelves are made up of adjustable shelves that are attached to posts at the corners. These types of shelving systems work best with items that have a flat bottom for storage. But smaller parts can be stored in it, for. For example, in transparent containers or with additional extensions and elements such as anti-slip mats, dividers, etc. The shelf shelves are supplemented as desired by various rear walls, so that the goods are stored safely on the shelf and does not fall out.

Choose the perfect shelving system for your individual needs

As with other types of shelves, there are basically two variants of how shelves are connected to the posts or frames. One speaks of plug and screw systems. In the first case, the bottoms are simply plugged in and screwed in the second. The main difference is that the first variant is much easier and faster to assemble and disassemble, and therefore much more flexible. On the other hand, a screwdriving system is logically suitable for relatively constant storage where the flow of goods is easy to plan and barely changes in quantity and size. In the case of a constant change in the stored materials or goods is rather a plug-in system the clever storage solution.

Wide span shelving – XXL storage space and optimum strength

Wide span shelving is the storage of larger and much heavier goods. In other words, these are stable heavy duty racks with extra storage space. As floors are in principle either chipboard or metal panels to choose from. Wide span shelves are also available as plug-in or screw-in systems. When it comes to heavy loads, more caution is needed, and to increase the safety of these shelves, a lot of extra accessories is important. Additional floors, joists or shims are just a few of the additional elements that provide more stability, flexibility and safety at the same time. And if you need even longer shelving systems, then the so-called cantilever racks are recommended. They are not for nothing known as long goods racks.

For large and heavy loads, the wide span shelves are recommended

Pallet shelving – the clever solution for pallet goods

Pallet racks are also part of the heavy duty racks. The difference here is that you save precious time and manpower on palletized goods by not having to unpack and repack them. The storage in the shelves is namely directly together with the pallets. Depending on requirements, Euro pallets or even pallets in other sizes can be stored. The necessary accessories can also be selected in this type of shelving systems according to the corresponding needs of the customers. Holms, shelves, rear wall grids, depth or angle supports or push-through protection will make storage with pallet racks much safer and easier.

Pallet shelves are comfortable and stable at the same time


Finding the right shelving system for your company is the basic measure of successful warehouse logistics. Take advantage of the variety of shelves and think in advance exactly which of them are suitable for you. Let yourself be advised by experienced professionals and find your tailor-made solution – best quality and Made in Germany. A wide range of products awaits you not only in specialist shops on site, but also online, for example ,

Whether you want to equip your workshop, warehouse, offices or sales areas with shelves optimally, with the right attitude, advice and know-how you will always find the perfect solution.

High-quality office shelves create clarity and ensure more order

Large shelves are in some cases particularly practical