Floor Lamp And Chair In One Combined

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floor lamp and Chair bulb wood seat metal

Incredible chairs provide ergonomics and comfort

Are you looking for a gift for your family members at home? Do you by chance also that this is environmentally friendly? It’s always easier, because there are modern sustainable designer solutions on the market.

An example is the Chair, we want to introduce to you today.  Created this piece from the industrial designer New Zealand Holly Bradshaw Clegg. This is the most energy-saving Chair on the market that there’s so far.

In addition, it offers ergonomic design. It has integrated reading light in it. It is done then, if you put pressure on it. So press time and again no button on a.

Floor lamp and Chair in one combined

floor lamp and Chair bulb wood seat round

ICFF 2008 is the other model of chairs, we want to introduce you today. It was created by a Philadelphia-based Studio. The chairs were made from recycled tires. The frames are made of steel with clean lines.

The “wheel chair” is super simple and surprisingly comfortable. In the construction at all needed no accessories. Created from Hardy materials, it is super suitable for indoor as well as outdoor.

We want to again emphasize the fact that you already used has used tyres for the production

floor lamp and Chair bulb wood seat active

If you think about how much such materials are thrown away every day! You are the garbage that dirty our environment!

But the environmentally friendly character plays together also with the comfort. So, this Chair is very comfortable and ergonomic.

Its appealing design allows its integration into a wide range of facilities

floor lamp and Chair bulb wood seat exhibition

He is to acquire in matte black, grey and red. As you can see in our pictures, two of these shades be combined sometimes. So he can enroll sometimes seamlessly through his monotone shading. In other cases, it ensures the introduction of great accents in the ambience in a discreet manner.

So this great model of MIO to helps that reuse is easier and more practical than ever before

floor lamp and Chair bulb wood seat components

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