Funny Interior Design Ideas – Pool Table Suitable For Small Spaces

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pool table for small spaces glass tabletop

Separate billiard room in your home

There are people who love to play pool, but due to lack of time, can be found not very often appropriate ways to play it. This is of course a rieseger drawback for billiards enthusiasts. Many of us would like to home billiards, but the size of the room does not allow it. Therefore, most people buy small pool tables, such appropriate for children, and others are looking for the best furnishing solution to build the pool table in the room. We have thought about this problem and want to present some ideas for pool tables, transformed into dining tables easily and effortlessly.

This table looks elegant and is suitable for all apartment sizes. The white frame is cleverly painted and this table is a perfect choice for any modern home. Guests see a trendy dining table, but when you expand it, he immediately becomes a pool table.

Pool table suitable for small spaces

pool table for small spaces glass wood frame frame

The combination of glass and wood is a great choice for a very chic, modern apartment. Similar to this easily the previous table of a dining table in a pool table transform by opening only the table top. The difference is in the design – it is visible, it is a pool table, even before it is lifted.

Romantic dinner

pool table for small spaces dining table gleaming black

A more romantic version of this table can be reached through dark painted wood. If you want to surprise your relatives, assemble back it as a dining table!

Solid dining table for large families

pool table for small spaces dining table table top columns

This table is suitable for large families. It is long and can be transformed easily.

Table top turning over

pool table for small spaces dining table vintage look

Another way in which you can convert your dining table in a pool table, is the surface to turn around. Don’t you think it is really funny and playful pool table only by turning to get? Nevertheless, this table has a vintage look and will adapt to any lifestyle.

Metallic look

pool table for small spaces dining table candle holder

For this of you who like metal, this table is the right bet. The table top can easily split into two parts.

All pictured here tables have some secret drawers, where you can store the billiard accessories, more or less visible.

Vintage look and drawer for the billiard balls

classic frame gold glittering surface black glass drawer

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