Furniture Fair ISaloni 2016 In Milan: Current Trends In The World Of Furniture

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Current trends at the Milan Furniture Fair

One of the most important events in the field of design happens again every spring. It’s about the iSaloni fair in Milan, on which some of the latest trends are presented. The furniture fair was held this year for the 55th time.

The 55th Milan Furniture Fair iSaloni

fair Milan isaloni 2016 test occhio slide

Milan trade fair: Salone del Mobile 2016

isaloni fair Milan Salone del Mobile 2016

What can you find in the furniture fair?

What does the Milan Furniture Fair at all? In Milan, the latest development methods, innovations of all kinds and models for the current design trends are represented. In other words: At fairs like this in Milan, the mass for modernity in this area be established. Where are the Italians always among these, which are up to date. If you can visit only a furniture fair, then you are choosing iSaloni in Milan.

What are the current housing trends, information from the Milan Furniture Fair

fair Salone del Mobile Milan 2016 current living trends

This is an excellent way to get to know this wonderful city by the way also. The fair is not only restricted to a certain area. Although you can see the main exhibit on 240 square meters specially provided for this purpose. In addition, there are but more exhibitors, which are distributed throughout the city.

Creative 3D Wall decoration

fair Salone del Mobile Milan 2016 creative wall-design

Design that is reduced to the comfort

The furniture, the lighting and the accessories are for the most part in a minimalist style. Unnecessary details that have no practical function, seem to be not modern in this year.

Less is more in the kitchen

fair Salone del Mobile Milan 2016 modern kitchen design

Bold mix of materials

What is still very much who is the great variety of materials, as well as the bold manner, combining as they. Currently, the stone, the wood surfaces, glass and all kinds of artificial composites are particularly modern.

Dare to combine different materials

fair Salone del Mobile Milan 2016 sustainable trends houseplants

Pleasant to the touch

For many years, placing a high value on the comfort that comes in contact with certain furniture. In this regard, we note many further progress in the current year. It goes so far that sometimes the vision device in the background. It is not important whether a piece of furniture looks very good or very bad, but you can feel as comfortable on it.

Great emphasis is placed on the comfort

fair Milan Salone del Mobile 2016 living room furniture furniture trends

Flash highlights

Although we’ve written that many minimalist trends are observed. However, that does not mean that you have to be satisfied with a boring or monochrome Farbpallette. Actually, we discover many nuances of Flash under the new fashion trends. You are there, from the pieces of furniture or some accessories to make great accents and to ensure an original home design.

Color accents in bright shades

2016 fair Milan Salone del Mobile furniture trends design

Emotional appeal

There was certainly no visitors at the Milan Furniture Fair, which was not deeply emotionally affected. The shown furniture is characterised by a certain sensuality. You can say that this was one of the binding properties between all exhibits. So one can say that in a modern context the various pieces of furniture often must be combined after feeling.

Furniture that provoke feelings

fair Milan Salone del Mobile 2016 furniture trends

Get closer to nature

It is nothing new that you want closer back to nature in the manufacture of furniture. But this year’s will be even more evident than in the earlier seasons. That was very strong feeling on this year’s furniture fair in Milan. In addition to the natural materials, also decorate with floral motifs is much more important than previously. You are always used and are integrated into the design always innovative and original.

Natural materials and floral motifs

Milan fair Salone del Mobile

Back to nature

fair Salone del Mobile Milan 2016 green interior design

Modernity, which takes a strong regard for the classical

With increased emotional load of furniture, more and more human categories come to qualify in the game. It can be said that the latest ideas, and this came on iSaloni to the fullest, always respectful and somehow wiser are highly. As just mentioned, you tried to take more account of the nature and to integrate them in their own lives through the furniture. Moreover, it remains modern without somehow the tradition to arrogant to behave. On the contrary: even in very innovative ways you can feel the knowledge of the designer furniture – style story and the fact that that were taken into consideration.

Design classics are always in fashion

fair Milan Salone del Mobile 2016 corner sofa of furniture trends

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