Furniture For Children’s Rooms – 39 Examples Of How To Set Up With Color

Furniture nursery – set up of the nursery in accordance with the modern trends for 2016

In the first part of this article, we have given some general rules of establishing children’s room. Also, we have put an accent on the colour scheme. Today we continue with some other aspects of this topic.

Inspired by their simplicity furniture nursery

furniture kids room wallpaper plant toys

Furniture hang nursery – round wall shelving

furniture nursery mural fun functional wall shelf

The furniture children’s

The furniture in the bedroom must be especially compact and most have built-in storage space. The multi-functional ideas is guaranteed. You have also another positive effect in establishing children’s room: Act playful and are therefore interesting for the little ones, and contribute to the mood.

Kids wardrobe with sliding doors is a functional solution, which arouses the interest of the children

living ideas nursery roof sloping functional furniture wardrobe sliding doors toys

In addition good mood create colorful children’s furniture

furniture kids room storage ideas bright walls

Open shelves

It is an illusion that you can hold the entire order in the nursery. The toys of your kids are lying around on the ground sooner or later. The closed shelves and cabinets are not really a solution to this problem. Open shelves and furniture are a perfect place, where you can simply put toys. They are purely visually more appropriate if you want to create an open and modern space.

The open shelf are very comfortable to make favorite items on this

furniture nursery beautiful colored curtains bed linen storage ideas

Creative ideas, how to create storage space in an attractive way

furniture nursery grey nuances shelves rustic mirror

The Wall shelves in the nursery can look so cool!

home ideas kids room storage Wall shelves creative ideas

Original solution for the storage space in the nursery

furniture nursery yellow wall carpet runners open shelves

A shelving system would be particularly effective in the nursery

furniture kids room storage ideas open shelves white wall

Built-in cabinets and corner designs

All kinds of built-in furniture and corner designs are suitable for the establishment of the children’s room. They are very useful if you want to effectively distribute the objects in the room.

Save space in the nursery by setting them up with corner furniture

furniture nursery corner furniture beige carpet plant airy curtains

No children’s rooms with functional furniture design

furniture nursery green accents white walls


The establishment of functional is a trend throughout the House. This is all the more pronounced in the nursery. It is very important that there is plenty of room to play and entertainment.

Leave enough space for games in the nursery

living ideas nursery young Raffen Rollo pale yellow walls brick round rug

Create an accent wall, which causes fascination in small and large

furniture kids room of wall decoration ideas colored children's furniture carpet shelf

The eco-friendly and safe furniture is another trend, which is General and applies particularly strongly in the children’s room. Here, the latter are a must.

Each functional children’s needs a chest of drawers

living ideas nursery carpet dekoideen chest of drawers grey seating

Simple wooden high bed

living ideas nursery high bed bedding blatant accents Pat

Try it here, to put oneself in the place of the little. The young people must can easily take the items from one to the other place and give everything myself.

An effective institution

The interior design in the bedroom can be quite effective. But, you must keep the proper dimensions. Everything has to be interesting, but not too strenuous for the senses. The children have to find exciting interior design, but she may exert their emotions not permanently so that they can not sleep or focus.

Put a few colorful accents

furniture nursery bright colored furniture walls

Spice up the maid’s room Rosa

furniture nursery maid's room set up high bed pink carpet

The use of directional lighting that will highlight LED strips striking thematic accessories, chairs and other seating furniture with unusual design by the is appropriate examples for such type of institution. Two-storey beds, canopies, fluffy seat cushions are also welcome.

home ideas kids room kinderlampen lighting table lamp

furniture nursery children lamps Lighting curtains blue ceiling

furniture nursery blue accents carpet young room bright walls

furniture nursery green carpet roll bed desk

furniture nursery blue-green carpet colored furniture curtains

furniture nursery colored accents beige carpet bunk beds

furniture nursery coloured furniture corner furniture funny

furniture nursery high bed snap bed of wanddeko toys

furniture nursery maid's room carpet airy curtains

furniture nursery open shelves red carpet

furniture nursery red accents open shelves

furniture nursery round carpet wood bed stairs storage space

furniture nursery storage space of for kids living ideas

furniture nursery maid's room green carpet wall airy curtains

living ideas nursery areas orange walls white carpet pendulum lights

home ideas kids room bodenfleisen green accents lighting

living ideas nursery decode ideas white carpet

living ideas nursery colored linen of wall decoration ideas

home ideas kids room colorful carpets pale yellow walls

blue living ideas nursery young room accents open Wall shelves

living ideas nursery orange furniture wardrobe sliding doors

living ideas nursery high bed sill ideas curtains light green carpet