Have You Scrolled 2016 Catalog Already The New IKEA?

new IKEA catalog online 2016

News for everyday life from the new IKEA catalog for 2016

The new catalogue is here since end of July 2016. Now is already high time to look at this. Perhaps, a voucher would be a gift to the turn of the year! There you will find much inspiration for your home furniture selection. In addition, there are many intelligent, everyday solutions for every taste.

Furniture and interior design ideas from the IKEA catalog 2016

IKEA furniture, IKEA decorating IKEA catalog

IKEA living room furniture

new IKEA catalog online living room furniture

Space-saving wooden living room tables

new IKEA catalog online parlor tables wood

The kitchen is at the Centre of interest

The modern kitchen is highlights of the new catalogue. The IKEA catalog shows how to’s, how the food and the food preparation to bring together people. This line is very präsentund you feel it on every single page of the catalog.

From the IKEA kitchens catalog

new IKEA kitchens catalog online kitchen cabinets

Elegant kitchen sink in white

new IKEA kitchens catalog online sink complete white

Pastel green color accents in the modern kitchen

new IKEA kitchens catalog online under cabinets

A beautiful functional IKEA Kitchen

new IKEA kitchens catalog online kitchen furniture

Growing interest in food

The food itself occupies an important place in the catalogue. Stylish and healthy diet is always important for us. We are trying to provide us with appropriate products. To make them more present and more importantly, we integrate them even in our interiors.

Rising trend: the accent is put on the food

new IKEA kitchens catalog online

In addition to the catalog, also a home report exactly on this topic has IKEA. It describes how people perceive the food and what does this matter in their daily lives. This is also important for the furniture company, because the food and its preparation to play an important role in the Interior.

Practical kitchen furniture from the new IKEA catalog

new IKEA kitchens catalog online kitchen island

You need more and more of such kitchen facilities and equipment, which help the home owners, fine small moments in the kitchen to enjoy.

IKEA significantly facilitates the work in the kitchen

IKEA furniture IKEA Decoration decorations


It is really hard to pick out the main accents in this large IKEA catalog. However, we have chosen some little things us, which are in our view for the new trends.

In the catalogue you will find many great wooden tables. They show a strong connection with the tradition. Still, there are a number of new kitchen boxes, which are used in any kitchen.

Go into detail…

new IKEA catalog online kitchen box

More “stars” are the new kitchen equipment, which you will discover in the catalog. IKEA displays a modern and universal kitchen design. The furniture is ideal for people who want to cook healthy.

Trend: sustainable furniture design

IKEA garden furniture IKEA decorating IKEA catalog

IKEA runners and rugs

new IKEA catalog online carpets and runners

Decorative accessories freshen the Interior

new IKEA catalog online decorative living accessories pendant lights

Scandinavian-style chair design

new IKEA catalog online designer chairs

Classic dining room furniture

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