How Can You Walk-in Closet Yourself Building?

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dressing room walk-in wardrobe Eva Longoria walk in wardrobe

Build a walk-in closet yourself – we can help you!

Who wants to build a walk-in closet himself from you, dear ladies? I can guess the number – all, or? Dressing room have all fashion-conscious women, celebrities, actresses and Divas. Why not you? It comes not only to financial opportunities, what excuse most women call. It’s more about that you articulate your sense of style.

There is also no question after too much floor space, because they can secrete a small corner and transform it into a stylish Walk-In wardrobe.

Probably not so many heel shoes such as Eva Longoria (located at the top of the image) and need a whole room for your pumps, right? A compact shoe rack can but keep your shoes and require very little space. Let us together take a look at the following examples and we discuss the nuts and bolts for a practical and modern dressing room.

Dressing room set up – which are the most important pieces of furniture you should get?

dressing room design shoe rack COMMODE cushion dressmaker's dummy accessories

The example above has fascinated just me with its elegance and stylish accents in silver and gold. The dress form gives a special charm to and everything fits together perfectly, don’t you think it? The picture actually shows not the complete dressing room. This little nook but radiates cosiness and charm in large quantities. The shoe rack, chest of drawers, which serves as a dressing table and the seat cushion simply belong together and take little space. All accessories are practical, so they are compact and organized.

Stylish choices in the dressing room

walk-in closet itself build hanger hangers

A space-saving clothes stand is often the solution for the young ladies

walk-in closet himself building furniture boxes coat stand

Both examples above and below show how easy it can be if you plan a walk-in closet. First, you determine the area that you can “sacrifice”. As you can see, a niche or corner suffices. Near the window is important to ensure that you have natural light. Think but also at a suitable window privacy screen so that your clothes in the Sun won’t fade. (Below), you will also need a light source such as a simple Pendant (top) or a chandelier. What is also very handy and I bet, you will appreciate it, is the comfortable sitting in the dressing room. A stool comes here most of the time in question. And now hang your precious treasures! But what? The racks are the easiest solution that can look but also very stylish. The shown here are very elegant in white. There are also those that are on wheels and can change their place quickly and easily. Other racks are mounted on the wall and prove to a space-saving way. Check the different variants and maybe you might consider, a clothes stand to build themselves. Their shoes you can including sort or in cardboard boxes, stacked on the floor, keep. If necessary, you can assign the floor with a carpet or runner. It depends but only your preferences, as also the wall design of your own room.

Dressing room to your own taste

dressing room design coat stand carpet zebra pattern antique furniture upholstered stool

Open closet and drawers in white

dressing room itself build walk-in open closet

Mesh closet – what a bizarre idea

walk-in closet yourself building closet floor lamp dressing room

Compact and fancy clothes stand from the IKEA catalog

walk-in closet himself building IKEA catalog racks

Wall rack for accessories

dressing room itself building Schmuckaufbewhrung wall Rod

Stylish in black and white

dressing room itself build walk-in closet stylish set

Minimalist and sufficient

walk-in closet yourself building dress stand standing mirror

Open shelving for your walk-in closet

walk-in closet themselves building an open Cabinet boxes runner

The ultimate solution for heel shoes

dressing room figures walk in closet system shoe shelf itself building

The well known wall bars, which usually serve as a towel dryer, turn into a handy shoe rack

dressing room wardrobe themselves build shoe rack heel shoes store

Wall shelf with a separate compartment for each pair of shoes

walk-in closet dressing room furniture shoe rack itself building

Built in wardrobe and improvised dressing table

dressing room design wall mirror dressing table wardrobe themselves building

Build open wardrobe in the attic room itself

dressing room design walk-in closet systems

Vintage furniture in use

walk-in closet itself build hanger wall shelf old Dresser

The order belongs to the stylish dressing room

walk-in closet yourself building clothes stand vintage furniture

Are you missing some color, then paint your walls colorful

dressing room itself building wall color turquoise walk-in closet shelving system

The textile closets are also a possible variant

dressing room design textile closets wall mirror Ottoman

Walk-in closet systems

dressing room design walk-in closet shelving system shoe shelf

If a woman dream come true

dressing room design Island walk-in closet system chandelier

Chic furniture Shabby chic style, used in the dressing room

dressing room design walk-in closet yourself building vintage furniture

Soft carpet for more comfort in the dressing room

walk-in closet yourself building dressing room furniture wardrobe systems

Instead of a wardrobe in the bedroom

dressing room itself build hanger wall shelf construction bedroom ideas

Hanging from the ceiling hanger itself build

dressing room itself build walk-in closet furniture coat rack

Declare war on clutter

dressing room wardrobe themselves build coat rack shelf system

Make use of the room height

walk-in closet yourself building DIY racks Wandspigel light sources

Jewellery storage make it yourself

walk-in closet yourself building DIY jewelry stand

Next example is quite typical for a student apartment

walk-in closet yourself building coat stand dressing room set up

The bookshelves for shoes are needed in the world of E books

walk-in closet yourself building dressing room furniture wall shelf bags shoes

Walk-in closet, own build – ideas and examples

walk-in closet itself building coat stand open Wall shelves

Undemanding in retro style

walk-in closet themselves build hanger wall decoration retro style

Unleash your creativity and create your own walk-in closet!

walk-in closet yourself building dress stand standing mirror wall decoration pictures

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