How To Correctly Can Estimate The Quality Of Antique Furniture

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quality of antiques furniture patterned fabric classic chest of drawers dressing table

The quality of antique furniture

New and experienced buyer of antique items are always the question: is the place where I buy a really good or not? Is the price I pay really fair?

At a certain level, these questions are actually irrelevant. If you really love the piece and it beautifies your ambience, you can say that it was worth.

However, there are other cases in which the piece is very expensive and one wonders whether this is the actual price. Specialists say that even a layman can immediately see the defects when he carefully examined the piece.

See the piece very carefully at

quality of antique furniture decorated wood retired Dresser

Move the piece of the wall and other objects. So you can see all the pages. Look at the piece under strong lighting. Ask the seller whether you took out there want. If he responds rudely, then go away immediately.

Make sure that it is solid

quality of antique furniture decorated living room chair cushions

If you buy a Chair, then you move your body forward and backwards. The Chair moves along with you, then he must be fastened shut. If it’s an Office or to a table, place your hand on the corner and shake them. You should wiggle all too much.

Such as the piece is hard

quality of antique furniture decorated folding desk wood

If the piece is not too heavy, then try it, this is something to raise. If it is hard, then that is a sign of the stable construction and that the construction of good quality is. Mahogany wood with start banding can be very helpful.

Look for signs, which show the age

quality of antique furniture handle chest

There are natural signs of the high age of the piece of furniture? A truly antique piece will have some more dirt in the column, because these are really hard to clean.

If there is no such, then it can be that it’s not really old

quality of antique furniture decorated sofa wooden frame pads

Then search for drops of color to find out exactly whether it is an authentic piece.

The grainquality of antique furniture traditional design statue

Viewing exactly the veneers. If the core appears interesting and has a high quality, then the piece is probably also in fact very high quality. It has very well prepared with care and it remains a good investment.

Pull the surface into consideration

quality of antique furniture surface wood comb

The exterior design must show a uniform color. Only the characters which will be created on the basis of the daily exhibition of weather elements make exception.

Contour injuries and scratches could very well occur. The brand can be removed without you have to cut off a part of the wood. If you spend more than €300 for a piece, it should have no visible nails.

Something else missing?

quality of antique furniture wood retired

Look, if there’s not something broken off or if there is not any areas, which are running in different colors.

Check out from the inside, including and beyond

quality of antique furniture patterned wood engraved

The Interior and the rear part of the piece could be in different color, but it should have a consistency. The inconsistent appearance shows that perhaps some original parts were replaced.

Study the blocks, which were attached to the corners. This may be under the Chair, the Cabinet and the table. You should have the same color as the surrounding wood construction. Variations show that they have been replaced.

Study the drawers

quality of antique furniture patterned fabric worn

During the closing of the drawers and there should be no wobble. Zinc can pieces which were created after the dawn of the era of social distinction. The first produced show not the same accuracy.

Is the accessory original?Are there any missing buttons or drawers? Is there any patch in a different form which we point out that something has been replaced?Look on the back side of the piece.You can see the drill holes, or any modern varieties of the accessory?Replacement is in itself isn’t so bad, but the new parts should fit to the style. You must check whether this really is the case.

Post brave all questions

quality of antique furniture wardrobe retired solid

-Will the seller be any kind of guarantee? If so, then that should be mentioned right in the description of the piece. If you are not it is mostly about the origin is not completely in the clear.

-Ask whether it had already repaired the piece. This is in itself not that bad, but you have the right to know.

-Look the seller in the eye and ask him whether this piece of the money’s worth. The answer is not as important as the art, as it is given. If you evade your look, it is uncertainty.

Ask for a second option

quality of antique furniture drawers shelves ceramic bowl

In case of doubt, you should hear the opinion of a friend. Therefore, ask the seller to keep the piece, until you’re back. If he renounces it, ask yourself how you feel, if this is not there by chance, when you come back. If the disappointment of the missed offer is greater than the payment of an unrealistic price, then buy it yet!

A last warning

quality of antiques furniture patterned fabric classic chest of drawers dressing table

You should be aware that you can be rich not very quickly through the purchase of antique furniture. Purchase a piece with investment purposes alone, because it can go very quickly wrong.

Can you buy now more confident? I wish you a lot of fun here!

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