Ideas For Free-standing Wine Racks

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freestanding wine racks with Metallkonsturktion

Wine racks – ideas for free-standing storage of wine bottles

Some people have a huge wine cellar and can collect there all bottles made good collections. For everyone else, the idea could be below very helpful, because you can thus save much space and a few nice bottles with the help of the wine racks. So, today we are talking about good wines and no matter whether you are owner of wine cellar or only a wine connoisseur, today’s article is what determines to be.

In this article, we have a few stylish and practical weinregale ideas ready for you.

The bottles would be quite easy to find through this cabinet and the whole thing looks stylish.

Aiden wine Tower

wine racks vintage terracotta color with drawers

Slightly unusual color creates a beautiful rustic impression. Wonderful, or?

Industrial wine console

wine racks simple wooden chest of drawers with hanging bottles

This multi-functional piece, you can store many different bottles.

Small wine rack

freestanding wine racks from steel

This is something for the lovers of the industrial look.

Arthur Umanoff wine Cabinet made of iron

Wine racks iron with many circular holes

Here you can store bottles for a big party and it is still very chic look.

Wood dry storage cabinet for wine

wine racks with drawers open double sided

This is certainly not a solution, which can be causal. She looks only perfectly well!

Keraton wine Cabinet

wine racks elegant wardrobe of dark wood

This is a special piece for any living room. He is unique, beautiful and practical.

Graham wine Cabinet

wine shelves Dresser from walnut

I like the wonderful interface of this cabinet as well as the minimalist handles. And you?

Wine rack wall

wine racks from cast iron wall

This is an also wonderful solution for exhibiting nice brands.

Clear rack

transparent wine racks from plastic

Through this solution, the bottles will appear floating in space.

Recycled wood cabinet

Zeltförmig wine racks from two boards

This piece shows a perfect blend of rustic beauty and modern aesthetics.

Tiered wine rack

wine racks simply off metal

These modern frames can be stowed both horizontally and vertically.

Universal, small wine rack

wine racks white four bottles and tray

This shelf can be used for wine, as well as for other items. You can attach it to the wall or freestanding somewhere.

Bombay Davenport Cognac Open wine rack

wine racks from Walnut wood into four levels

That’s a wonderful rack where you can store some bottles. It also features a removable tray which can be taken to any place.

Eiffel console made of birch

wine racks antique shelf in three levels

On the lower shelves can store wine and accessories and pour the drinks on the top step.

Verona wine rack

wine racks on wheels from light wood

Do you want to achieve the character of an Italian cellar? You will make it through this cabinet here.

Wine Cabinet custom-made

wine racks from metal in black and glass plate

This is the perfect solution if you want to store the table in the corner!

Leather wine holder wine rack

wine racks from iron with leather tire

And here is a solution for wine racks, which is becoming more popular.

Heera wine rack

wine racks old-fashioned for twelve bottles

It’s wonderful piece with beautiful exotic details.

Wall shelf with spirals

wine shelves on the wall with iron spirals

Such a piece is beautiful and represents my opinion for inspiration for a great DIY project.

Wine racks may look very simple and elegant or original and rustic, you decide yourself how you want to keep your wine at home.

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