IKEA Besta Furniture System – A Stylish Collection For More Storage Space At Home

IKEA Besta TV furniture furniture Wall shelves

Super creative forms of use of IKEA Besta furniture

Simplicity and minimalism. These two terms are IKEA Besta collection from. This is nothing new but would probably turn up at this point, or? You’re also right. Simplicity and minimalism are two typical characteristics of the IKEA style.

IKEA Besta furniture collection

IKEA Besta furniture and kitchen equipment

About Ikea Besta , one should rather say that this whole collection of furniture is at a higher level. The pieces of furniture are elegant, yet modern, appealing. They also offer a lot more, what’s their functionality. Can not be said probably more common. Rather we should look at concrete examples. Based on this, you recognize the potential of the IKEA Besta furniture best. See the transformation – and uses! Let this then inspired for your very own individual ideas.

Besta – furniture collection at a high level

IKEA Besta white Dresser furniture living room sideboard

Adapt the modules to your own space!

No matter what shape and size has a space, which can IKEA Besta modules be adapted to its floor plan. The selected images show very different irregular situations and thereby prove it.

Thanks to the clear and simple lines, you can achieve a seamless appearance. So even the smallest room is wide and open.

We would recommend the following: use the cycling ability of the modules, to emphasize the particularly interesting areas in the room.

Conversion ability of the modules

IKEA Besta furniture attic room furniture

Original seat

A very successful version for the use of Ikea Besta modules is their use as a seat. It can be placed on the window in the hallway or anywhere else.

You can and should of course the storage space in the IKEA Besta units practically use! Otherwise, their full potential remains unexploited.

Bench in the niche

IKEA Besta bench furniture in the niche

Customize the Besta IKEA pieces to your preferences

We have repeatedly mentioned the conversion ability of Besta furniture. So far, we have stressed most of the time their ability to adapt to different floor plans and practical needs. With some color and paper pimp them this request also purely aesthetic to any interior design styles to.

Besta IKEA furniture in the nursery

The IKEA Besta furniture wonderfully inscribe themselves in the context of a child’s room. They are a wonderful solution if you there redesign the interior design in a few years. You can use the IKEA Besta furniture according to rearrange and supplement, and achieved new variants.

IKEA Besta children’s furniture

IKEA Besta Kinmderzimmer children's furniture and IKEA TV furniture furniture

Put on the monochrome appearance

Our tip from now on you is to put on the monochrome appearance. Although the conversion options are many, but you should also try to let the natural beauty of this furniture coming into its own. This place remains for many Flash colorful accents.

Check out the IKEA Besta furniture online map

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