Industrial Lamps Give The Ambiance A Special Charm

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industrial lamps floor lamps industry design furniture

Spread the charm, the industrial lamps in indoor design

The industrial chic can help you to achieve more urban flair in your home. He warms up the atmosphere. To contribute the materials spreading comfort. That are in most cases wood and consumed looking textiles.

Chic hanging and floor lamps in the industrial style

industrial lamps and industrial style furniture

Original and practical wall lights

industrial lamps wall lamps In the industrial style

The charm of industrial luminaires

industrial lamps metal colored lamp shade

Industrial style kisses modernity

All the models that we show you today are for the modern industrial chic characteristic. Looking metals such as rust iron are typically used for this. You show often abundant patina.

The same style include the beautiful industrial lamps used wooden with gentle neural interfaces.

Simple shapes and chic color accents

industrial lamps dining room pendant lamps copper color


Typical design for the modern industrial lamps including Grill and rusty surface. They look especially good with decorative light bulbs.

Luminaires with rustic and industrial design are the trend

industrial lamps simply rugged metal frame

Elegant geometric shapes

industrial lamps Gittergörmig metal frame

Understated accents

industrial lamps with metal base living room furniture

Nickel and glass

The combination of glass and nickel is typical of the modern industrial luminaires. Article from two materials can be rural or urban depending on the context.

Industrial lamps for a side table

Usually the industrial lamps with light columns look very elegant. The latter could be two, three or more. You have been made mostly from noble metal.

Chic table lamps made of glass and metal

industrial lamps table lamps floor lamps industry design furniture

Stainless steel

The previous materials provide vintage flair. But not this one. Industrial luminaires cast from stainless steel uncompromisingly modern. Often they show slim lines and are very flexible.

Insert the shiny effects

industrial lamps silver pendants wall color gray concrete look

Bronze and wood

We move to the luxury segment. In this modern industrial luminaires made of bronze and solid wood can be found.

Gold and fine textures

There are modern industrial luminaires, which are moving on the border with the traditional luxury. You show robust materials, but covered with precious surfaces (bronze, gold or silver).

Delicate gold accents combined with concrete look

industrial lamps look wall design modern decorating tips concrete

DIY (looking) industrial lamps

Under the modern industrial lamps, there are many models, which pay a toll of DIY fashion. You are to make either by hand or the designer wanted to convey just that impression.

DIY table lamp – a true masterpiece

DIY industrial lights table lamp yourself DIY

The range of objects that are used within the DIY industry lamp projects, is very large. Wooden boxes with rusted metal bars are especially popular. Old glass vessels are also often used.

Glass bottles in use

DIY industrial lights glass bottles insertion wood plate

DIY Wall lamp made of old tubes

industrial lamps Desk workspace design DIY Wall lamp

Find the perfect pendant for the rustic dining room

industrial lighting dining room pendant lighting wood dining table

Harmonious atmosphere in a country house style

industrial luminaires pendant luminaires brick wall wood furniture dining

Simple pendant luminaires are just modern

industrial luminaires pendant luminaires concrete look version

Create a bright atmosphere

industrial luminaires pendant luminaires and modern industrial design furniture

Chandelier in the dining room

industrial lighting rustic accents brick walls

DIY furniture in the living room

Industrial lamps pendant lamp in the living room of DIY coffee table pallets

Wall lamps on the brick wall in the stairwell

industrial lighting sconces brick wall decoration staircase

Provide enough light in your workplace

industrial lamp table lamp Desk workspace design

The same rule also applies to the kitchen

original and practical industrial lighting in the kitchen

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