Innovation Sofa Bed And The Materials Of The Future

innovation sofa bed beat Karrer fluid solids material

Innovation sofa bed – you will find the perfect solution for your home

The sofa has gained much importance together with the increasing search for ergonomic products in recent years. It’s a commodity, where the buyer already emanating from the innovations as such. But even so, one can say that the designer regularly manage to surprise us incredibly much.

The Dam square and the innovations in the sofa

Holow Chair represents a typical example of straight line designs! Also many useful items can accommodate easily in this super comfortable piece of furniture. Things can be, for which can be found just just no more room. The sofa bed to a library or to a valuable part of the baby’s room will fit through this innovation. In the living room would therefore no longer searching for a suitable opportunity, where you put the remote control.

Holow Chair by straight line designs

innovation sofa bed straight line designs of hollow Chair

Store your items with style

innovation sofa bed straight line designs Holow Chair

Innovations in the sofa design take them to Pocket-size

We have many convenient modern sofa beds with mattress and bed box now on the market. But there is something that seems currently unbelievable to us, but could be something normal in the long run. Innovations in the sofa could cause that you can wear them in a few years, even in your pocket. The substance that could make this possible is called polyurethane (SMPU). At a specific temperature, it can be great according to the principle of WholeGrains and come back in a form that has been pre-programmed.

You can back off slightly then squeeze it. Carl de Smet is called the designer who has developed this innovation.

Futuristic design and perfect functionality

innovation sofa bed designer Carl De Smet

Alien forms and smart materials

innovation sofa bed Carl de Smet futuristic design

The innovative designer Carl de Smet in his Office

innovation sofa bed Carl De Smet

The miracle of polyurethane

innovation sofa bed Carl de Smet new material

Strange even mounted pieces of furniture

innovation sofa bed Carl De Smet self mounted furniture

Sophisticated technology

innovation sofa bed polyurethane designer Carl de Smet

Where can you use the innovations?

These are just two of many examples, which can be for innovations. But they are the future, because you can just find widespread use. Above all this is with the necessary conversion ability. In a room that you use for different purposes, we want no sofa bed, used only occasionally. It must either can have a dual function or just easily disappear.

What innovations would you like because at the sofa?

The eco-friendly, innovative material FluidSolids ® by beat Karrer

innovation sofa bed beat Karrer fluid solids material

The desk Evfyra by Nuvist FluidSolids ®

innovation sofa bed material fluid solids Evfyra Dongseo

Ergonomic furniture design by Carlo Ratti and Cassina

innovation sofa bed Carlo Ratti Cassina ergonomic

The whimsical module EFG Gaia by Johan Netzler

innovation sofa bed Efg Gaia Johan Netzler