Inviting Design Ideas For The Reception Room

modern design ideas for the reception room

Design ideas for the reception room

First impressions count, and this applies in private life as well as in the business world. Bring the image your company already in the reception room to the validity and access the different design ideas from modern to classic for reception areas.

A range must fail at the same time practical and representative and for exactly this double claim, there are now modern office furniture, providing for example the various features. A reception counter is such an element to the interior design. He serves as a first point of contact for your customers and visitors and immediately catches the eye. To do this, he can be placed laterally in space. A work center for your reception staff behind the fairing of the reception counter. Protected from the eyes of visitors, a computer, printer, telephone and other important devices and materials for daily work can be stored here. Access for example the brand colors of your company for the colour design or brand the counter with your logo.

A welcoming reception room is practical and representative at the same time

inviting design ideas for the reception room

A comfortable seating area for visitors

Day-to-day, visitors must sometimes wait a moment until they are picked up for a meeting or Conference in the reception area. Offer your guests, a comfortable waiting area. This can contain very modern bar stools and bar tables, on which lay out for example brochures of your company. The seating area is something classical. Comfortable seating, coffee table and a trash can be sufficient to reduce the waiting time to your visitors. Such a seat corner gives a modern look for example lounge furniture or organically-shaped seats. The appropriate furniture (used or new) for your design ideas, see for example here in the online-shop of office furniture professional. Even with the seating, you can of course vote the colors on your company logo or your Corporate Design .

reception room design ideas

design ideas for the reception room

Frugal decoration for a welcoming appearance

Decoration should be used in a reception area only sparingly, finally, the space is mainly used a representative purpose. Green plants or a bouquet of fresh flowers provide however any visitor just a feel-good atmosphere. To make bare walls, for example with a wallpaper or preparers who belong to your company and are used to measure you. If you have a corporate film or product videos, also a screen mounted under the ceiling might provide a welcoming appearance of your reception area.

reception room design ideas reception waiting room

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