Is The Veneer Of The Material Of The Future?

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designer furniture from veneer future of material

The future of plywood

Have you already noticed that all known materials have their own destiny? So also the veneer. To predict the future of this material, we should first best a bit better informed about his past. You started with the use of furniture in the 19th century. But its extraction due to difficult cutting for many people was a challenge too. That’s why it was a privilege of the wealthy people.

New trends in fashion design

designer fashion from veneer future of material

This changed drastically when the machines were produced in 1870 then for industrial processing. It could make the veneer in much larger quantities. It was quite easily accessible for all people.

Modern veneer cladding

veneer In the interior design of the material future

Then came a different kind of competition in the game. One relies more and more on the artificial surfaces. Thus you can enhance even cheaper materials and imitate any kind of materials. Industrial development has made many other materials more accessible. You are always easier to act and to have than the veneer. But the veneer has still some distinctive features. Together with the relatively heavy production, it evolved more and more a luxury choice.

Light design from sustainable materials

designer furniture from veneer future of material light

Designer pendant lamp made of veneer

designer lighting from veneer future of material pendant

Bending and forms

The main advantage of plywood over the other, mass-produced materials, comes in the industrial design. Here functional and universal conversion enabled furniture can be produced without that they lose their own character.

The luxury material is very popular with the lighting design

designer lighting from veneer future of material

But there is a huge challenge. You would have to technically develop the veneer. Because the production of furniture, especially in modern forms, is still very complicated. Its limit of flexibility after he breaks, is easily reached.

An original table lamp

designer lighting from veneer future of material table lamp

Therefore, the synthetic materials are still umschlagbar in the industrial sector. One carries out very many experiments, in which one it wants to achieve, that the wood veneers are equally as flexible. There are at least three already very well developed techniques that have achieved very great success in this direction. Where to install a different texture on the veneer under high pressure. So it bends more easily and without danger, it will break. Very innovative are also techniques for creating composites with veneer. Then, they are still capable of conversion.

Veneers in furniture design

designer furniture from veneer future of material Chair

Three-dimensional forms

In this respect, we have to tell you a true story. There are a number of well-known designers, which have invested much time and effort in it, so that developed this property when the veneer. Light, flexible and of great endurance should be.

Designer chairs with simple and clever design

designer furniture from veneer material future chair design

The first name, which we will call today in this reference, are Charles Eames and Eero Saarinen. They have created furniture from voluminous molded veneer in the years 1938-39. They wanted that the produced pieces to adapt very well to the human anatomy. Techniques with plywood were brought to bear. Due to the technical difficulties on which they met, the so-called organic chairs only in a very small number have been produced.

The young designer Charles Eames and Eero Saarinen

designer furniture from veneer future of material designer

Organic Chair

chaise Contemporaine Accoudoirs Eero Saarinen Charles Eames 1543931

Charles and Ray Eames continued some years the experiments in this regard then. This happened in the years 1944-1945, as they have produced many new models.

Eames molded plastic chairs

veneer future of material designer chairs

It reached a new peak in 1950. At that time, it has addressed various details and parts and this tries to bring together again in a way better in terms of human anatomy. Some models have become so successful that they are still produced today. This happens for example with Eames molded plastic chairs, that veneer are executed with 3D by the designer group. Hermann Miller company still produces these chairs.

You can compare the processing of plywood with this from the sheet metal

veneer species future of material colors sideboard

Since 1950, modeling performs one very many attempts for 3 D, which turns out to date as a challenge, as it already became clear. A high-quality 3D veneer was created by a company from Dresden, which belongs to Danzer. The type of editing can be compared with that from the sheet metal. The big difference with all technologies previously mentioned is that in this case the veneer in strips cut, which is only 1 mm so that it then produces again great solid furniture pieces from these

Trendy sideboard with veneered fronts

designer furniture from veneer future of material sideboard

The product is a used in the furniture industry, the Interior of cars, but also by yachts. It has proved useful in many other areas.

Innovative ideas in contemporary furniture design

veneer future of material designer furniture table leg

Development perspectives

In mass production the veneer, despite of all innovations will find probably more practically no usage. The veneer is mainly there find a use, where you want to have high-quality, individual, created the best by a craftsman furniture.

Veneer frames

veneer types of future of material versions

Interesting ideas from the innovative material

designer furniture from veneer future of material wall shelf bag

Great coasters

designer furniture from veneer future of material coasters

Strong contrasts: veneer and concrete

designer furniture from veneer future of material wall shelf table lamp

Creative DIY projects

designer furniture from veneer future of material

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