Lamps Design – Classics With Futuristic Look

Posted on May 20, 2014

lamps design classic Crealev magnetic floating

Lamps design – classic, or is it?

At first glance, the floating lamps by Crealev look like lamps with classic design with retro-style. But what’s behind it is actually? If one floor lamp closer to one of the designers, make large eyes and wonder how that is at all possible. Is that an optical illusion?

The lamps design by the Dutch Designer Angela Jansen and the Elekroingenieur GER Jansen has enabled us in amazement. But, we were looking for a logical explanation.

Floating lamps by Crealev

lamps design classic Crealev futuristic floating lamp

In fact it’s a control system and its electromagnetic component, which create the optical illusion. The magnetic force will make sure that the two parts of the lamp shade each other repel and at the same time remain in position. Impressive, or?

Thanks to modern LED technology, the ‘floating’ lamps are energy saving, which is particularly advantageous.

Enjoy this exceptional lamp collection. Yes, these floor lamps look initially like classic, they are but rather innovative and futuristic.

Floating lamps – Eclipse #2 (left) and silhouette #1 (right)

lamps design classic Crealev floating lamp

The elegant lamp stand made of wood contributes to the classic touch of lamp

lamps design classics Schwemende lamp with magnetic by Crealev

All lamp parts of the “floating” lamp (silhouette #1)

lamps design classic Crealev floating lamp parts solenoid

Eclipse #2 -Floating lamp in Hohglanz

lamps design classic Crealev magnetic floating Futurisstisch lamp

Eclipse #2 – View from the top

lamps design classic Crealev floating lamp top

From attention to detail

lamps design classic Crealev magnetic floating lamp dimensions

A control system, based on the strength of the magnet

lamps design classic futuristic Crealev magnetic floating lamp

How this works…

Check out design, you could also purchase more examples of original lamps.

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