Large Bed, Cupboard – 20 Functional Kids Bunk Beds, Which Save Space In The Nursery

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Bunk bed with Cabinet – select functional kids bed with lots of storage space

Recently, we have dedicated specifically an article the bunk beds with desk. Because we are of the opinion that you compact and individually must set up the nursery, we continue the theme of functional children’s furniture. Today is again about bunk beds, but this time they are equipped with a cupboard. And not only. Some of them even have drawers and shelves. Can you take a look at the examples below and collect ideas for a functional children’s room design? We guarantee you will be delighted by many of these beds!

With Cabinet in the maid’s room place bunk bed

cot highly wardrobe storage space living ideas nursery

Bunk bed with Cabinet and functional stair steps

high cot design practical cabinet stairs drawers

Combine colors and features in a design only

cot highly wardrobe purple carpet maid's room set up

Minimalist design with plenty of storage space

cot highly wardrobe stair carpet

All parents try to cope with the mess in the nursery. That’s why it welcomes all clever ideas that create something more space in the nursery. Storage baskets it creates to himself and relies also on Wall shelves. Furniture design is of great importance in this respect. Small living space is the most important in the child’s bedroom design. The good news is that the modern children’s furniture combine several functions and contribute to a compact design.

some beds represent a large construction

high bed with Cabinet orange red carpet grey floor tiles

Interior solution for small nursery for two

children bunk bed orange purple red carpet combine

Colored cabinet doors bring fresh mood in the nursery

cot highly wardrobe drawers beige carpet light floor

Exist on the market today really fascinating solutions for your child’s room and bunk bed Cabinet is proof of this. A modern kids bed can form a self-contained whole. It also has a wardrobe, desk and drawers, this turns into a functional piece of furniture in the nursery. Of course, you need some more space to integrate a similar children’s bed in the room. One creates one but itself, you need to buy a little other furniture.

Design in light blue and yellow for the boys

high bed with Cabinet dark blue wall functional kids furniture

A beautiful impression makes wooden kids bed with white cabinet doors

high bed with cupboard elegant wood floor green carpet

Creative idea for the cot, as it can unite functionality with lust

high bed with Cabinet coloured design creative solution

Select appropriate bedding for the white cot

high bed functional cabinet design red seating

Wooden bunk bed with drawers

high bed with Cabinet wood model wall light plant

Bunk bed with storage space and place for games

high bed with cupboard nursery set up ideas

Cool Loft bed with lots of storage space

children high bed desk Cabinet functional

Compact ideas for the girls room Interior

high cot white children's furniture stairs floral pattern

Stylish girl bed with lots of storage space

functional bunk bed with Cabinet white stairs

It seems to be so cool to sleep so high!

cot high purple beige Raffen Rollo carpet

Combine colored walls and white bed

children high girls bedroom white children's furniture carpet

Make nursery in shades of green

cot highly wardrobe drawers storage ideas

Compact design made of wood, which gives character to the nursery

high cot design Cabinet shelves storage space

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