Le Corbusier Furniture Have An Iconic Status Since The 30s

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Le Corbusier furniture Cassina

Le Corbusier furniture represent an incredible genius

Le Corbusier furniture history

Charles of Edouard Jeanneret-Gris, known as La Corbusier, was a designer, urbanist, writer, painter, and one of the pioneers of modern architecture. Born on the 06.10.1887 in Switzerland, he spent most his life in Paris.

In Central Europe, Russia, India, and also partly in North and can be seen its construction South America.

By its design, Le Corbusier began an iconic furniture series

Le Corbusier furniture LC 1

The comfort and the steel tubes are the recognition value of its armchair

Le Corbusier furniture LC 3 white black

After he had made much Exchange with influential architects and completed some trainings, he moved in 1907 to Paris, where he started his distinguished career under the pseudonym Le Corbusier.

Le Corbusier became known through his concrete-steel constructions, as he enjoyed a short creative break. He met the architect Charlotte Perriand, discovered his curiosity for designer furniture. Soon he established a design studio in Paris and invited some creative minds to do so, to take part in a joint work.

Setup example with Le Corbusier upholstery


A combination of convenience and security embodies this LC-3 Chair

Le Corbusier furniture LC 3 Chair from behind

Le Corbusier furniture

The first results of the collaboration were chrome steel designs that are characterized by long life, good taste, refinement, perfect proportion and harmony.

The most famous of these pieces, which today represent a cult are LC-1 LC-2, LC-3 and LC-4. The original name of the series is “Easy”

LC-1 stands for “Large, comfortable armchairs and small model”, LC-2 – for “Grand comfort and small model, LC-3 is the designation for”Big Chair and large model”and LC-4 literally means a long Chair.

Cassina in Milan is the only company that today produces Le Corbusier furniture,

Le Corbusier furniture LC 3 Chair

La Corbusier was a visionary of the future

Le Corbusier furniture LC 4 white double

You can see Le Corbusier furniture of the spongy leather pillows, which are certainly surrounded by steel tubes.  LC-2 is the most successful Le Corbusier designer series. The incredible comfort of the furniture shows the intellectual and almost alienating theories of industrial aesthetics, which the designer intended subtly.

Le Corburier had the vision that our home is a kind of machine that needs a functional facility. Le Cobusier reflects the developed steel tubes-furniture series BB´s quest for reduced beauty and industrial rationality. It embodies what we call today the international style.

The “Le Corbusier” Liège shows a very simple geometry

Le Corbusier furniture LC 4 deck

Two sofa and armchair of the LC-2 series

Le Corbusier furniture LC 2 rooms set up chess board

In 1964, as Le Corbusier still lived, acquired S.p.a. in Milan which exclusive rights worldwide, continue making his designs to the Cassina. There are also many copies, but is the only operation in the world, which produces la Corbusier design, in Milan.

Reduced aesthetics and high functionality are characteristic of the Le Corbusier design

Le Corbusier furniture LC 2 room facility

“The function determines the shape” is the motto of the 30 he yearsLe Corbusier furniture LC 3 room

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