Lenny Kravitz Designs Furniture For CB2

home furnishings designer furniture Lenny Kravitz CB2 line

Designer furniture by Lenny Kravitz – CB2 line from his own home

Lenny Kravitz, the Grammy winner and rock star, is one of the most talented personalities, who knows our modern society. He loves not only the music, but also the art in General in all their forms.

Singer Lenny Kravitz designs furniture for CB2

designer furniture Lenny Kravitz CB2 line

Furniture collection of exclusive designer pieces

living units Lenny Kravitz designer furniture CB2 collection

Among other things, he proved a talented furniture designer. Lenny Kravitz has as such CB2 line developed. His own House is completely furnished with designer furniture of this collection.

Designer furniture by your favorite celebrity

Lenny Kravitz's modern home furnishings designer furniture CB2

Golden table lamp and practical bar corner Cabinet wooden

barrier table lamps Lenny Kravitz designer furniture CB2

Collected inspiration on different travel

According to his own statements, collection of the experience that he has collected on his many travels Lenny Kravitz got inspiration for the CB2. The collection represents in a way even a trip. This makes them by it represents the style and mood of many different places and spaces from around the world.While it stops but feel safe and in good hands.

Privacy in the modern style

modern furniture designer furniture Lenny Kravitz CB2

Authentic Kravitz

The pieces make it uniquely to represent the authentic style of Lenny Kravitz. The CB2’s designer furniture collection brings the otherwise controversial acting genres of the 70s, and namely the hippie rocker chic and the global style. The cohesive look of the two becomes a kind of trademark of the artist.

Apartment design in the style of Lenny Kraitz

Lenny Kravitz designer furniture CB2

Modern and close to nature

Earth shades and natural materials are mixed with industrial metallic elements. Silver and brass dominate the nuances. You take but a reference to the context in which the House is located.

Lenny Kravitz tells that he has created his houses and the objects in it at the same time, so to speak from the same mold. By the way, located in the most diverse corners of the world. Lenny Kravitz has homes in Brazil, Paris, in the Bahamas.

White sideboard with shiny silver effects

modern sideboards silver white Lenny Kravitz designer furniture CB2

YaYa Café table

We look at the fabulous designer table YaYa from nearby. It was created from painted and removable plywood. The table also serves as an installation. It has storage space, in which above all magazines are kept.

YaYa Café table

designer HausbarDesignermöbel Lenny Kravitz CB2 line

Topanga corner bar

The bar atmosphere seems to be very important to the Lenny Kravitz. The many such designer pieces prove that. Café table shows similar features like the YaYa the Topanga corner bar. However, you were adapted to a different part of the interior design.

Topanga corner bar

designer corner Cabinet wooden furniture Lenny Kravitz CB2 line

Reflect 20″ pillow

We conclude 20″ pillow with the reflect. It is this more an accessory, as to a piece of furniture. Details like this can be the designer furniture from the CB2 collection a lot softer look.

Explore below in our series of images of the singer’s other great designer furniture.

Reflect 20″ pillow

designer home accessories sofa cushion designer furniture Lenny Kravitz CB2 line

Patterned sofa cushions

sofa cushion designs Lenny Kravitz designer furniture CB2

Abstract motifs and geometric patterns in warm and neutral colours

decorative pillow covers design Lenny Kravitz designer furniture CB2

Trendy designer furniture with gold accents

Lenny Kravitz home furnishings designer furniture sideboard CB2

A chic living room coffee table

living room occasional tables Lenny Kravitz designer furniture CB2

Designer rugs are also a part of the collection

designer carpets furniture Lenny Kravitz CB2 line

Playful geometric pattern in neutral colors

designer carpets pattern Lenny Kravitz designer furniture CB2

Cantilever chairs

Lenny Kravitz cantilever chairs furniture CB2

How do you find the designer furniture by Lenny Kravitz?

designer chairs cantilever designer furniture Lenny Kravitz CB2 line