Living Bath Mat From La Double Nguyen – Baolam Design

Editor   March 13, 2013   Comments Off on Living Bath Mat From La Double Nguyen – Baolam Design

living Bathmat green original design grow

Unique, living Bathmat Baolam design

Bath mats are generally not particularly exciting, but when we begin to talk – literally made out of plants, about a living Bathmat people tend to take notice. The very inventive La double Nguyen Baolam design presents some innovative and often the nature-inspired inventions. But perhaps the “MOSS carpet” is called his einfallsreicheste invention – he is it made, what undoubtedly is inorganic foam – hard foam. It is quite simply a latex foam, which is plant-based in the first place. In relation to the structure of the mat consists of smaller, circular cells, each of them “home” a little MOSS that grows slowly but firmly, thanks to the humidity of the bathroom and extra water, that it receives. The “MOSS carpet” is used as a bath mat after a bath or shower. Could we have never before heard of such a thing and some people find it unusual and weird, we must applaud the ingenuity of Nguyen when it comes to thinking out an unprecedented method to introduce vegetation in the House. Who needs a potted plants and products like this on the market? So, OK, maybe many of us do it. You, but must confess it: this is a “green” accent, you have probably never even dreamed.

Original designer idea in your home

living Bathmat green original design dark installed bathtub

Inorganic foam created

living Bathmat green original design foam carpet

Dark bathroom design – built-in bath tub

living Bathmat green original design unique

Another example of living Bathmat

living Bathmat green original exceptionally

Even more unique ideas for MOSS carpets

biodegradable Moss alive carpet design a whole vibrant plant life at Home – Designer proposal

living carpet of green original exceptionally Moss

Biodegradable Moss carpets – original designer idea

Moss carpet original unique design striking nature

plant is biodegradable living Bathmat idea designMoss carpet original unique design striking White

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