Living Room Set – Buffet Wing Of Recycled Strips

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living room set up sideboard cool colors

Living room set – designer furniture

Today we want to introduce another model of wings, which were created with caution on superior design, as well as on the nature. They consist completely of strips used in the painting. It has used them to protect the furniture thus prior to the staining.

Usually they are used a few times and you then replace it.

Their reuse was the starting point of the project. Wings with very sophisticated design, which are characterized by their layer-like effect are the end result.

Pieces of furniture with a three-dimensional effect

living room set up sideboard extraordinary

Davide G Aquiniis author of this masterful work. Including the design evokes associations with typical African tribal motives. They brought them there used to paint the walls of the House.

The Soninke project was called and this is the name of a typical African language. The design is made of cast iron, they are sprayed and sprayed. The fins are very close to the street art in its execution.

Extraordinary wing

living room set up sideboard extraordinary wing

Cool furniture in the living room

living room set up extraordinary wings stained

Due to the different width it has caused for a three-dimensional effect. So here, the texture is interpreted as a very important detail that enhances the artistic value of the object.

Sonike was made by the designer David G Aquini. He has refused on the long way, a designer must go if he must sell his work through a dealer. Still, he has the chance to make each object individually through the self production. Thus, each customer with a unique object can be living room set up.

Three-dimensional effect

Soninke sideboard furniture living room set

Want, we together take a look at his website? The buffet with the door panels covered with fins is located in the middle of its current projects.

Left, we see a great side table that seems to draw but inspiration from pieces of furniture with a different function. Not less exciting, we find the lamp right representing marble in a whole new context.

This confusing application of familiar forms in a new manner permeates through the whole portfolio. But somehow it seems precisely to experience an incredible harmony.

Designer look like stylish furniture

living room set buffet extraordinary wing

Cool furniture

Soninke sideboard designer furniture living room set

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