Loft Bed With Slide – Game Paradise In Your Own Baby’s Room!

Loft bed with slide – interior design ideas for children’s rooms

We continue our series of articles on the cot. The cots are as varied and interesting, so you never thoroughly enough could develop this theme. The children bunk bed was at the Centre of our previous articles. The present article is again a type of bunk bed. Its design is similar to but also the child’s play beds. It’s about Loft bed with slide. Stay with us and look at the examples, how to set up a nursery to create a perfect place for the little ones.

Bunk bed makes children happy with slide

slide up cot design brick wall

Loft bed with slide for the little ones

cot high round carpet slide pink staircase

All interior design ideas which we would like to introduce you today as ideas for the nursery design, are connected to the crib/cot. A child’s bed with a slide can be nothing more than an eye-catcher in the room. Especially for the children, such fancy beds represent a real pleasure. You will enjoy long and specially enjoy rooms with all my heart!

Modern kids bed with a slide for the boys

high cot blue curtains slide cool stool

Simple model for the boys room

high cot blue curtains slide red accents

Outlandish idea for cot

high bed with slide light grey walls wanddeko

Often, the bunk bed has not only via a chute, but also a tent. So the stay turns out to be in the child’s room into a real adventure. The idea for the inclusion of one such bed requires also the precise consideration of color combinations in the room. Too would be stressful for the meaning of the little ones. That’s why it fit what is the slide for a color, so that you select it in a matching hue.

Functional bed, which gives much pleasure children

high bed for children girls bed carpet slide toys

Slide down from the Tower

cot high green carpet slide

If you have collected enough inspiration from the attached examples, then do you have now maybe some ideas in your head, you want to set up your baby’s nursery? Let your imagination run wild and design a nursery, which is a nice treat for your little treasure. He is happy growing up in such an atmosphere, and really enjoy his childhood…

The bed is also a place for games

high bed with slide colored walls toys

Kids bunk bed with yellow slide

high bed with slide green accent wall

Boys will fall in love in such a bed

Loft bed with slide young room fashion

For the little princesses

high bed with slide girl pink carpet white curtains

Create a living girl’s room design

high bed with maid's room slide dekoideen mirror

Nice mix colors

high cot white purple white carpet slide dark floor

Joy of playing

high bed with red accents chute green walls

Separate the individual zones in this small whole

high bed with nice slide wanddesign stool

The nursery set up thematically

high cot design slide Strip wallpaper mural

Blue elements in the interior design

high bed with slide blue sofa coloured walls

Combine purple and pink in the maid’s room

high crib nursery set up ideas pink carpet slide

Bring joy to the children by matching children’s furniture

children high girls bedroom set bed slide Pink Wall color

Colorful kid’s room set up

high cot red grey carpet slide

Buy fun cot

high crib slide play sleep light gray wall color

Interior design ideas for children’s rooms

high crib slide carpet Strip