Maarten De Ceulaer Creates A Modern Furniture Collection – Mutant Series

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modern furniture collection blue sofa mutant series

Modern furniture collection – mutant series

Bizarre creatures and strange life forms come from the by the genetic mutations in nature. Some consider these dissuasive and disgusting and others find fascination in their research.

An artist has transferred this idea coming from the nature in the world of Interior design

modern furniture collection recliner green yellow upholstered

As the name itself suggests, this idea was inspired by the viruses and bacteria. We often lose control over this and this is exactly what was presented in the form of beautiful furniture.

At the same time, this project has led to some news in the area of the pad and the pad. The spheres of off-cut and colored foam imitate living cells, which have committed the most peculiar mutation processes.

This furniture is covered with long-lasting rubber fabric and have a velvet-like upper class.

This is the mutant series of the Belgian designer Maarten De Ceulaer

modern furniture collection blue yellow upholstered Chair

Long-lasting rubber fabric cover

modern furniture collection blue yellow Chair upholstered backrest

Exceptional furniture design

modern furniture collection blue yellow green Chair upholstered

The pictures below shows prototypes, the completely bizarre and unique. This design pieces bring us to think and make for a completely different interpretation of the world of furniture.

Do you want to experience a world of offbeat and unusual furniture? Would you like to get feeling absolutely new and surprising in the view of your interior? Then I would recommend you to look the pictures below carefully.

Spheres of off-cut and colored foam

modern furniture collection blue upholstered Chair blue stool

Unique bizarre furniture – Green Velvet

Modern furniture collection green stool plaster plates

Different seating by same furniture collection in black

furniture collection black Chair padded seatingfurniture collection black Chair paddedmodern furniture collection black armchair bubble padded velvetModern furniture collection black Chair backrest

How to find a blue sofa in the living room?

furniture collection blue sofa longfurniture collection blue sofa couch longmodern furniture designs blue Chair footstoolfurniture collection blue bubbles spheres

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