Modern Sofas And Their Correct Dimensions

Integrate modern sofas – sofa in the living room

The modern sofas are a very important topic for anyone who wants to plan the design of your own House itself. The reduction in the number of design elements causes, that some of these must at the same time meet many aesthetic and functional tasks. So also the modern sofas.

Modern sofas are useful, if they are correctly selected

modern sofas set up round coffee table living room ideas

Very often, they must provide for a current statement, leave at the same time fulfill a function of outline and not least stylistically fine work the room.

Decorate modern sofas with a sofa cover

living ideas living room sofa floral Chair

This variety of claims, must be carefully selected of a modern sofas under many different criteria. First pure style, choose the right sofa for your room. There is also the quality of the structure, the mechanisms, the materials and the textiles of very great importance.

Chic corner sofa, which makes stylish and cosy living room

modern sofas sofa beautiful flooring plant

Elegant leather sofas convert also the small living room in a beautiful place

modern sofa brown leather sofa carpet white flooring

Today we deal with an important aspect of the selection of furniture. These are the correct dimensions. If you accurately determine this, you can reach for your interior design advantages:

-You feel comfortable, so the room is narrowed too much, nor to free it feels;

-Create the right balance between the need to divide the room and visually with a very prominent piece of furniture to fill them;

-They give the impression that you are capable of making a perfect room for your guests.

We now proceed to the discussion of each point of measurement of the mass of modern sofas.

Visually fill one-third of the area

Start with measuring the area within which the modern sofa will serve as a central element. It can be doing a whole room or but you can adapt the dimensions to a zone located within of a broad housing plan.

Spice up the white pieces of furniture with fresh floral pattern

modern sofa white living room furniture-floral wallpaper

The combination of shades of Brown give the living area more chic

modern sofas chic living room sofa-beautiful carpet round glass table

The rule of thumb is: the main page should assume one-third of the underlying wall.  If you choose a corner sofa, then you must find a model that behaves correctly to the length of the sides of the room.

The question of the height of the sofa is often neglected. She must effect also proportional, so up to the ceiling take a third of the distance.

Take the measurements in two steps

Determine the mass of the modern sofa should be carried out in two steps. First comes the measuring of the walls and then the desired piece of furniture. You must continue to try practically exactly to determine whether you have chosen the correct dimensions. Draw the dimensions of the sofa before buying on the floor with something that you can wipe off again. So you have a more accurate impression, whether this piece of furniture will conveniently enroll in your interior design. In practice, other visual aspects of the interior design play a role in addition to the correct dimensions, and they usually only become visible through this practical experiment.

Well, think about where in the room the living room sofa best would look like

modern sofas white carpet dark floor tiles

Large corner sofa offers many seating

living ideas living room grey corner sofa

Think of the delivery

Many valuable pieces of furniture break down or cannot be used, because they do not fit through the door and the delivery is extremely problematic. Consult the company, which is to make the piece of furniture.

Choose the most suitable model

living ideas living room Orange sofa bright carpet dekokissen

This is the piece of furniture you desire at all home available and what risks entail?  If the selected model cannot be delivered, there is certainly a great alternative with similar parameters.

Fit easily on the ground!

living ideas living room chic living room sofa wood furniture

Watch the exhibition of furniture in furniture shops

The online purchase may be convenient, but actually we would like to recommend you the personal visit to the furniture store.  There get not only an immediate impression of the sofas, but you see them also in concrete interior designs. Pay particular attention of this, show similarities with your own interior.

Cleverly combining forms

living ideas living room living room furniture fancy sofa black carpet modern Chair

Correctly position the living room sofa

living ideas living room white sofa brighter flooring

Once again, go through all the steps before buying

After you have selected your modern sofa, you should check your decision once again for correctness. Go through all these steps and make sure that you have committed a basic error anywhere.

Enrols the sofa in the room Interior you selected?

living ideas living room of purple living room sofa floor vases

Very stylish and practical

living ideas living room stylish sofa round coffee table floor tiles dekoideen

Go then to purchase your dream sofa.

Assume the first impression relaxed

Finally we want to prepare first impression after the purchase. A modern sofa is very present and radically changed the impression of the room. This can be somewhat shocking in the first moment. Even if your previous design was not correct, you have already perceived the room in this form and the change caused often unpleasant feelings in the moment. Can not discourage or disappoint: If you have made the right steps to choose of the dimensions of the sofa, the room will feel just as comfortable and cozy in a few hours or at most in a day or two, as you could have imagined.

Combine the sofa with armchairs

modern sofas gray living room sofa carpet fireplace dekoideen

Decorate with cushion

modern sofas, bright living room furniture dekokissen Orchid

The living room sofa should provide comfort

modern sofa modern corner sofa white carpet white walls

Sofa design with storage space

modern sofas beautiful black leather sofa wanddeko

Black leather sofa is characterized wonderfully in a white setting

modern sofas black white flooring shelving system

Modern design and comfort

modern sofa white sofa gray walls floor tiles

Set up the living area in white

modern sofa white living room furniture carpet airy curtains

Bring a fresh flair in the living room by a light green sofa

living ideas living room corner sofa fresh color wood floor

What do you use your living room? It depends on the size of the piece of furniture

living ideas living room grey corner sofa bright carpet wanddeko Raffen Rollo

Not placing a small sofa in a large space rather

living ideas living room grey corner sofa Orchid open living plan

Select armchair in the same style

modern sofas bright wall color decoration plant wall art

To bear better bring the white sofa by nice wall design

living ideas living room of living room sofa stilvole wallpaper dark carpet lighting ideas

The corner sofa is a good solution in the small living room

living ideas living room corner sofa of living room sofa stool bright yellow wall color

Minimalist design

living ideas living room grey corner sofa living room furniture

The sofa – the core of the living room

living ideas living room light grey cool round coffee table wall mirror

Decorate it with blankets and cushion

living ideas living room white living room sofa leather chair flowers