Modern Wardrobes: Tips To Renew The Wardrobe

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Tips for the renewal of the modern wardrobe

How often are located in the following situation: in your wardrobe, there is no place more. But you have somehow nothing to wear, and feel compelled to go shopping. They have practically no match for the new season.

Modern wardrobes

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Create order in your closet!

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To display style…

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Before you spend money well once again and face the same situation but at the end of the season, read our article. The proper and strategic reorganization of the dressing room causes that you can rediscover some old things in your wardrobe. So you save time and money. Of course you can afford some new clothes, which are perhaps higher quality. How do you get this idea?

Reorganization of the wardrobe

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Sufficient storage space

modern dressing rooms right In the closet many subjects

Built-in floor cloakroom

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Improve the capacity of the wardrobe

The first step would be to increase the capacity of the dressing room. So you have a better overview over your clothes. That offers the modern wardrobe designs. No clothes remain unworn, in such a wardrobe because they will forget again. Also the quality of the clothes is better preserved in good order.

Wardrobe with ample storage space

wardrobe new mapping modern wardrobes design

Here are some general tips:

Use a box with drawers for smaller garments.
Use as many hangers as possible to protect the gowns from delicate fabrics.
Also shelves should be used in addition to the suspension brackets. There you could give different pieces of clothing.
You could use an old case or a similar unit to mess up old hats and ties there.
Get as many clear plastic boxes as possible; There, scavenge some shoes which should be not to see.
You should fill some shoes with paper, so that they get their shape.

Do you want better overview about your clothes?

modern wardrobes wardrobe order

Well organize and optimize your wardrobe

Here are some tips, which makes slightly better the wardrobe regulations with respect to your priorities. This helps very much, if you want to buy any extra clothes.

In the dressing room, keep only the dresses, which you really wear this season.
You should keep the clothes for different seasons in boxes.
Take the clothes that you no longer need aside: you can sell or give away for charity goals.
Take the dresses, which still like you, however, are somewhat broken, set aside. Bring it for repair. Can be worn but at least at home, isn’t it?

Optimize your wardrobe

modern wardrobes ladies wardrobe arrange clothes and accessories

Hair jewelry and accessories

modern wardrobes hair jewelry and accessories

Have a separate shoe rack

modern wardrobes Shoe cabinet storage ideas

Worry about your clothes

Tired of it, that your beautiful and precious clothes much to quickly break down? Then you would have to remember probably some rules which they keep longer in their best condition.

The right clothing care and storage is of great importance

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Here they are:

Empty all pockets before you hang the clothes in the wardrobe.
If you allow the upper parts, turn it over with the back and lightly spray them with appropriate protective equipment.
Fold the knitted dresses instead of hanging them, so they will not deform.
Keep the dresses always in a clean condition. After each season, you should hang them in the dressing room after a thorough washing.
If the soiling and scratching pose a real danger, you should pack them in plastic bags.
Treating dirt stains immediately after they have arisen.

Large closet for stylish women

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Main rule: create order in the closetmodern wardrobes wall coat rack wood men dresses order

Order in the wardrobe of the man

modern wardrobes wall wardrobe closet systems

Open Kleiderschranksystemme

modern dressing rooms living room a in direction wardrobe systems

Have also the following facts in the sense!

The modern wardrobe is so a good tidy and rationally organized. It is also environmentally friendly. Here are still concluding remarks about how to reach such:

Keep not the cotton and silk clothes in sealed wardrobe: your fibers must breathe.
Rub the stains not so you may further damage the fabric?
Bring together similar items of clothing and you could sort them by color.
Once a month you should reorganize a little bit the wardrobe, depending on what you currently often use and what is not.

An original wardrobe set

corridor wardrobe interior design ideas modern dressing rooms

Fashion floor cloakroom in the Scandinavian style

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