Old Drawers To New Life Awakening

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old drawers as bathroom shelf

Give a second chance old drawers

Think long term and instead of just buying a new shelf or finished Dresser, you look for the first time in the basement or in the garage – you might find a few old drawers there. You can remove it from dusty cabinets or shabby chests of drawers and bring them to new life. Today we present 15 creative ideas for DIY furniture and other living items. You will be surprised how useful and multifunctional old drawers can be. Original kitchen and Wall shelves, towel Rails and coat hooks as well as bulletin boards and even dog houses are created with little effort. So look at all ingenious tips from our collection and decide which are the most appropriate for your home. Maybe you need just more storage space under the bed or you want to plant a few flowers and have a flower pot left. Even for these cases, we have the solution.

The handles of the old drawers are perfectly suited as a coat hook on the wall

old drawers as hanger

The old chest of drawers is a wonderful herb garden

drawers as target

Mount wheels under the drawers and use them as under bed storage

drawers on castors under the bed

When the drawers are small, they are very fast to photo frame and with a little wire you can attach even your earrings here

old drawers for your photos

An old drawer can be very versatile

drawers kitchen drawers and wall shelf

Attached to the wall, make the drawers a whole shelf system

old drawers kitchen shelf

For the good organisation or your favorite photos

old drawers wall

Your dog is also very pleased

old drawers chic dog house with shade

You can leave quietly as a bookcase for an authentic effect also with the airborne tracks

old drawers narrow Bookshelf

Vintage stool Shabby chic look

old drawers Shabby Chic stool

So, your jewelry will be always well organized and nicely displayed

old drawers jewelry Edition

You can make several old drawers as a headboard for your bed

old drawers wall shelf headboard

It is quite simply and easily with the help of a belt

old drawers wall shelf with leather belt

Make a cover for the drawer from cardboard or wood and your new chest is finished

old drawers white wooden chest

And, we promised too much? How to find this DIY ideas? Do you know where you have stowed away old drawers?

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