Old Furniture New Shapes And In A Great Way To Spice It Up

old furniture new design DIY projects

Wonderful new look reach through the frame of the old furniture

Garages and flea markets, but also our own cellar and the homes of grandparents and parents are often full of great antiques. They are retro-style or have sometimes pretty universal design.

It is only sufficient one redesigned this or if necessary restored, and inserts in the new, modern ambience. Allow us to share with some basic tips for the redesign of the old furniture? They are based on our experience of how it performs miracles of old objects by some simple tricks.

Reshape old furniture

old furniture new designing wooden boxes shelving color

Too many vintage have sometimes to go details

Vintage is a style that is loved by many people. However, others do not like him and might it even as repulsive. If you belong to the second group and yet have many old furniture made of precious materials, then you have other alternatives. With foils and colors they could be lending a very current look the old pieces of wood. Caution is announced, if it’s rare pieces.

Vintage furniture in the modern interior

old furniture new figures old Holzstühl new painting

If you have a coffee table that is everywhere at the flea market, he has no great value. It would be not so bad to cast it. If it very rarely occurs in terms of details, check whether it no longer would be worth, to sell it as dearly.

Living room furniture and coffee tables in retro style

old furniture new design coffee table wood itself building

The Grandma’s rocking chair

Did you spend more and more time in the rocking chair of OMA in your childhood? Maybe you have this chance now, but the steel somehow no longer matches your interior design. Or yet? With a new modern color and padding to a great effect. This should correspond with the remaining equipment. The retro shape would enroll almost in any any ambience.

Breathe new life into the old rocking chair

old furniture new design new rocking chair painting

Renew surfaces of chests of drawers

Old chests are not to be confused with their classic outclass. They can be but slightly too modern. Take the playfulness of the drawers and give them a more modern face. This can be done simply by new livery. Take into consideration also patterning and brand-new colors, enrolling in the atmosphere better.

Flash colour accents put to use

old furniture new design wood Dresser restoration yellow

New fresh paint

old furniture restoring old furniture new design furniture retro

The pastel shades have a delicate radiance

old furniture new characters wood Dresser restoration

Combine a neutral color with gold accents

old furniture new characters wood Dresser paint

Geometric figures in color

old furniture new figures wood Dresser color accents inserting

Better than new

old furniture new figures wood chest of drawers spice up color accents inserting


If you restore old furniture, there are some basic rules which you should adhere. In the first place, you should respect the old character of the furniture. No matter how much you renew and edit the age typically through radiates through forms or other aspects. You should look so a color or paint, which is modern and has any relation to the original style. For example, orange. The shading is modern and has a relation to the vintage spirit. So it would be a great choice. You can select currently also the Orange under many different nuances.

Give a special character to the old Holzstühl

old furniture new design wood Chair colored spice it up

Alternatively you could aspire to a contrast between the modernity of the color and the antiquity of the form. Thus you give a great importance of the latter also.

Let new to upholster your furniture

old new furniture design living room furniture restoration

Stain wood furniture in bold shades

Often, one rejects this possibility when it comes to the renewal of old wood furniture. Because you are accustomed to the natural color of this material to a whole new level. But if you have plenty of it already, you could afford even this playful aspect. A cushion or modern accessories that would provide for an excellent closure.

Bring bold colors in the game

old furniture new figures Dresser revamp yellow

And create interesting patterns

old furniture new figures wood chest of drawers spice your florals create

Make open shelves from old pieces of furniture

To restore old furniture, it can also happen that you get only a part of it. Old closets have often dilapidated doors, but at the same time they are very healing from the inside. Remove the broken or rotted parts and paint the insides. Enjoy your new open shelves.

Hallway furniture with retro design

old furniture restoring old furniture new design floor furniture wardrobe

Give a new life to the old bed

Old bed designs have often beautiful frame, but outdated and healthy mechanisms. Miracle could do but this new bed coatings and mattresses, as well as new chic bed linen and duvets.

The bedroom Miss new look furniture

old furniture new design bed and nightstand wood

A chic vintage chest of drawers

old furniture new design wood dressers restoration colonial-style

Colour refresh RETR wood chest of drawers

old furniture new characters wood chest of drawers retro design

Old becomes new

old furniture new design wood furniture floor set up

Wardrobe with deer print

old furniture new characters wood cabinet new painting

Clearly, the vintage style in the trend is

old furniture new characters wood vintage furniture

Suitcase Chair itself build – creative DIY projects

old furniture new figures suitcase Chair itself building Chronicly

Roles – for this you need only a wooden box coffee table

old furniture new design bookcase wood on roles

DIY open shelf from three drawers

old furniture new figures shelf wood drawers

Table lamp with linen lamp shade in a country house style

old furniture new design table lamp old drawers

DIY wood table with glass from the old piano

old furniture restoring old furniture new figures piano table glass plate

The tables made of old singer sewing machines are very popular

old furniture restoring old furniture new design sewing machine table

Another interesting example

old furniture restoring old furniture new design sewing machine table plates

Use the old wooden door as a tabletop

old furniture restoring old furniture new figures table old door

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