Open Wardrobe – 39 Examples, Like The Wardrobe Without Doors Modern And Functional Is

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open wardrobe dressing room of black stool lamp

Open wardrobe – modern, functional and original…

To set up the bedroom or one designed his dressing room, you must always carefully consider the selection of furniture. Depends on however if there is order or disorder in the room. One considers the arrangement of the furniture pieces, their design and matched each other. Perhaps, the wardrobe is the first thing you think when you imagine his new bedroom. Or at least the second – for the bedroom bed… Considering different options for the interior design and tries to create the best. A cosy sleeping area is always desirable. Here comes the question how should the wardrobe be to complement the interior design style and at the same time so much stuff to take, how it is possible? How does it sound you can be the closet without doors? Is that enough stylish and modern for you?

Open wardrobe – stylish wardrobe in black

wardrobe design Interior ideas bedroom open wardrobe dark floor

Open wardrobe – functional shelf system

wardrobe design black open beige carpet

Simple, stylish and organized…

open closet elegant storage ideas bedroom

IKEA wardrobe combines functionality with style

open wardrobe IKEA small white interior design

Separate dressing room through sliding doors

open wardrobe dressing room sliding doors

Decorate the open wardrobe with curtains

open closet curtains green walls nursery

In the dressing room, the wardrobe in contrast to the bedroom occupies almost the whole area. He should be maximum functional. After all, he collects dresses, shoes, and any accessories in a big pile. And all should be completely mapped. Messed up must be avoided in any case. What do you say about an open wardrobe?

Dressing room with an open wardrobe and sloping roof

wardrobe design dressing room ideas pitched roof stool

Compact and orderly dressing room

open closet design ideas bedroom dressing room doors

Open closet has its advantages and disadvantages. Recently, one such piece of furniture has become very popular in the modern interior. Not the size, is actually making a wardrobe functional, but whose organization. A wardrobe has more shelves and clothes rails, he offers more storage space and he is the more useful. The big advantage of the open wardrobe is to have at a glance before eyes, what is inside the Cabinet. It saves so much time and effort!

White dressing room that radiates femininity

wardrobe design dressing room set up mirror bench

Make small dressing room

wardrobe design dressing room lighting carpeted floors

Also in the small bedroom, you can install an open wardrobe. However, we believe you should beware and avoid the anyway small room appear kind of tight makes a mess. In large rooms, chaos in the closet also have negative affects on the appearance of the room. The downside of a wardrobe without doors and large is that it is completely visible, what’s in it. So provide best right there! However, you can hang a curtain, if you want to make invisible the Interior of the wardrobe.

Creative storage ideas for small space

wardrobe design shelving system design ideas of small bedroom

Interior design ideas for small bedroom

wardrobe design open Wall shelves clothes rails design ideas bedroom

Storage bins collect accessories

wardrobe design shelf system black carpet

Organizing small spaces

wardrobe design small spaces set up home ideas

Set up your child’s room with an open closet

wardrobe design open shelf system nursery pink walls

Simple lines and plenty of storage space

wardrobe design open shelving dressing room figures

Organize the dressing room

wardrobe design open shelves wooden drawers carpeted floors

Order should prevail!

wardrobe design open shelves clothes rails bathtub plants

Bookcase with drawers

closet open shelves drawers design closet organizing

wardrobe design open shelves black fireplace design ideas

wardrobe design open wardrobe Archiexpo wall mirror

wardrobe design open wardrobe color contrast

wardrobe design open closet doors lighting

wardrobe design open wardrobe black sliding white floor bedroom

wardrobe design open clothes rails Dresser storage space dressing room

wardrobe design open shoe shelves drawers design ideas bedroom

wardrobe design open mirror doors sliding doors

wardrobe design order dresses shoes lighting

open wardrobe dressing room design carpet

open wardrobe chest of drawers carpet lighting

open sliding glass doors wardrobe bedroom pendants

open closet glass doors sliding white walls

open closet open shelves pendant luminaires storage baskets

open wardrobe order no dressing room wood floor

open closet shelving bedroom set

open wardrobe sliding doors design ideas bedroom

open wardrobe Regasystem wood floor ceiling lighting

open wardrobe white dresses shoes match

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