Order In The Bookshelf – 39 Original Bookends As Inspiration

Give something special to your bookshelf!

Do you want to create a bit more order in your bookshelf? Yes, I’m sure everyone already knows the annoying problem with the books falling to at home. Here, the best bookends make the perfect help. Fix your favorite reading in a very elegant and often witty way. You will find a huge selection of bookends that suit every taste and style online. Many of them can be quite easy as make DIY projects. If you still don’t dare to it, then can look around, for example, on DaWanda. Also our collection of 39 imaginative examples of bookends can be used as an additional source of inspiration for you. Almost everyone can something – from very simple variants of richly decorated pieces up to homemade bookends. As useful and at the same time decorative items, these are suitable as a gift not only avid readers will appreciate.

From metal, stainless steel, wood, acrylic and felt the bookends can be perfectly write in the specific facility. Many of them also easily become catchers and a wide smile on the faces of your guests. Of course own are bookends not only alone for the books, but also for your CDs, DVDs, folders and even larger folders. Therefore, these are not only in your own to use four walls, but also in the Office, for example.

Cool DIY idea for your bookshelf

Bookshelf bookends themselves make old records

Stick figures, animals, superheroes, favorite characters from Blockbuster and much more is possible in terms of bookends. Hardly a limit is the imagination. Upcycling is also an issue. Old records, bricks, skateboards, toys, broken headphones and even the Vice from the cellar are welcome material for your DIY Book props that will bring a more personal touch to your home.

Cute bookends in the minimalist style

Bookshelf bookends giraffe metal

Our undisputed Favorites here are the animals of wood decorated with gold spray and the balloon dogs in bright colors. Check out below all other bookends is, if you like. And who knows, you might find your own favorites in there.

Have fun and stay inspired!

Golden animals as bookends, myself

bookends Golden pig

Colorful balloon dogs made of wood

Bookshelf bookends colorful balloon dogs

Oversized quotes in gold

bookends Golden quotations quotes

Old light bulbs are also perfect

bookcase wood bookends bulb

Puzzling in 3D

Bookshelf bookends head people profile 3d

The “flying” arrows are magnetic and glue to the metal plate that is hidden in the book

Bookshelf bookends red flying arrows

Have somewhere in the basement of an old Vice still stand?

Bookshelf bookends Vice metal wood

Karate stick figure

bookends black metal stick figure karate

DIY Book props with bicycle

Bookshelf book support blue bicycle wood

If you are a fan of game of Thrones

book dragons support

Shiny decorate wooden figurines

Bookshelf book Golden bear based wood

Fashion bricks as bookends

Bookshelf support yourself book bricks make paint gold Elks

The old headphones can also easily convert Buchstürtze

book support set headphone bookends diy idea

Sweet fabric owls

Bookshelf book support fabric owls themselves make

Stunning bookends for real photo fanatic

bookends old photo cameras

Do not discard the broken skate board!

Bookshelf bookends bookends skateboard

Artful white ceramic

bookends hands white ceramic

Bookshelf bookends katana Japanese swordmales running bookendsbookends lego game charactersBookshelf bookends man figure falling booksBookshelf bookends records opticsbookends black figures zombiBookshelf bookends black dakel

Bookshelf book support white ceramic whale Bookshelf bookends themselves make soldiers figurebookends superman original idea

Bookshelf bookends of white skull halloween decorationbook anchor support bookcase wood brassbook support flower pattern colorful dog

Bookshelf book support wood Fox figures

book support wood carved African art figure

book support wood itself make Bunny figuresBookshelf support yourself book make red scooter motorcycle Bookshelf book support star wars jabba Palace

bookends Empire soldiers star wars

book support star wars