Save Space With A Bunk Bed

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bunk bed in Walnut wood with neon green accents

Save space with bunk beds – 30 functional ideas for modern bedroom

You are just looking for a clever solution for the nursery and more specifically to a bunk bed? As a consumer you feel determines often overwhelmed in this multi-faceted variety of beds, to find the right. Especially for smaller nurseries or with several children is much larger, the challenge to make the space more functional and efficient. In our collection of 28 stylish bunk beds, you can see very precisely how you can set up a comfortable, child-friendly room, where your loved ones have plenty of room to play and learning.

Children find a bunk bed in principle very enticing and so they develop more interest for this and feel secure and comfortable in their own room. Also good sleep will be stimulated in this way. Most beds are equipped with stairs and built-in compartments or drawers in the individual stages. Others make full Froli_bed systems with desks, cabinets, and shelves. Bunk beds are available in many different variations and themes. You can of course creative and build yourself a bunk bed.

Plain and simple or colourful and original, the bunk beds are a special type of furniture that can completely solve your space problems

floors in blue and white bed with drawers in the stairs

Look at all those bunk beds ideas. Some are others with mountain huts in maritime style, flair or very modern minimalist in design. They all have but something common – they are practical and space-saving. So don’t think about. Opt for the establishment of children’s room with bunk beds!

Stylish dark wood with stars

floors bed in dark wood and staircase

Use an extremely original idea – caption head

floors bed made of wood in white with large caption

If you like it naturally

floors bed from cedar wood with built-in steps shelves

Modern and colorful

floors colorful kids room design

A stylish bunk bed system in cream yellow and lavender

floors bed cream yellow and lavender bed system

Very convenient if you have high ceilings

storey bed for high ceilings

Very sleek with army smack

storey bed for four people with head

Green calms the senses

floors bed verdurous and Navy Blue pillow aluminium ladder

Harmonious colour contrast

floors bed light grey and orange with page shelf

Simple bunk bed with drawers

bunk bed of Azur with drawers

Vintage atmosphere with butterflies

floors bed in terracotta with wall stickers butterflies

Very creative and original with ropes and light wood bed frames

floors bed Kajuten flair

Great colorful solution for toddlers

floors bed cooling colors tables on wheels

For the little pirates and explorers

bunk Maritim with nets

Comfortable like in little house

floors bed with large pillows and window openings

Sliding first floor and small staircase with page drawers

bunk bed with small stairs

Inviting bunk bed in orange with head

bunk bed with ladder in Orange

Very spacious with plenty of storage space

bunk bed with shelves and drawers

Colorful and modern

bunk bed with strap curtains and drawer

Bunk beds with drawers and cupboard

floors bed with wardrobe and drawers

Sunny shades and plenty of room to play

floors white bed frames bed

A modern bunk bed as from modules

floors bed modernist from modules

Simply swing form

bunk bed original construction

Retro comfort with soft lighting

floors bed as small room

As a hunting lodge chic

bunk bed Zebra fur carpet and turquoise Chair

Bright yellow Mickey Maus

lemon-yellow wall bunk bed and Mickey Mouse

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