Scandinavian Spring 2017 – the new Ikea Stockholm collection is already there!

Urban luxury plus sustainability is the same: Ikea Stockholm collection

You can probably say that. For over 33 years now, the internationally renowned furniture manufacturer from Sweden has proudly presented Scandinavian comfort at the highest level with his Ikea Stockholm collection. Just like the one already published on the market PS collection Of Ikea, you can feel the naturalness and the pleasant feeling of freedom and freedom at first sight. This time, however, with a rather dignified charm and luxurious touch. It is also about the”slow-living”at the same time, according to which we all want in our stressful everyday life. Deceleration and calm in your own four walls is one of the most desired values ​​not only for the Ikea designers, but above all for us, city dwellers. This is the reason why a large part of today’s Zeitgeist can be defined.

Ikea Stockholm Collection 2017

Samtsofa dark blue pattern carpet rattan armchair living room ideas ikea

Plenty of rattan and light wood

Naturmaterials such as rattan, ash and walnut, as well as cotton and linen, are also highly popular with Ikea this time. The Stockholm collection, designed from 47 skilfully designed products, impresses with its timeless simplicity and fresh colors. But also with pleasant, natural feel and supple optics, which are accentuated by the organic shapes and profiles of the furniture pieces and living accessories.

The whole thing could be called” Feng Shui “In the Scandinavian way: Intuitive harmony and one hundred percent serenity!

First class comfort with style

Ikea stockholm collection for 2017 light wood cabinet rattansessel pattern carpet

It will be colored this spring

A magnificent Cobalt Blue comes at the Ikea Stockholm Collection 2017. We find it on the velvet sofa, as well as on the cylindrical poufs and, of course, on our favorite vases made of mouth-blown glass. Simply gorgeous! As a classic contrast to the blue one finds among the products pillow in batik look as well as also poufs and carpets in red and orange. This coloring game reminds us of the beauty of Scandinavian nature and its antitheses – where dark blue, ice-cold lakes dotted with flowering summer fountains and picturesque sunsets.

Let yourself be convinced by the new Ikea creations and invite the elegant simplicity from Scandinavia home with the Stockholm collection 2017!

Warm shades spread cheerful mood in their own four Walls

Orange red carpet pouf rattan light wood couch table side table

Harmonious contrast and soft feel

Cobalt blue sofa red stool with living room ideas ikea

Delicate, hand-blown glass in cobalt blue

Mouthblown glass blueware vase bottles ikea stockholm collection 2017

Simple naturalness and organic forms

Rattan armchair couch light esche living room ideas ikea

Northern simplicity in every detail

Blue hand blown glassware ikea stockholm collection 2017

Batik look in red and blue on linen and cotton

Decoration blue red ikea stockholm collection 2017

Cooling freshness from the north

Dark blue ikea stockholm collection 2017

Rattan and light wood go hand in hand

Light wood rattan baskets couch chair ikea stockholm collection 2017

Fresh colors, fresh mood

Ikea collection stockholm 2017 red samtsofa blue white pillow

Romance of glass

Ikea stockholm collection blue mouth blown glass wind

Timeless elegance of rattan

Ikea stockholm 2017 collection rattanschrank commode mouth-blown glass

Linen cover and rug complete the convenience

Ikea stockholm collection 2017 rattan armchair rug

Classic combination of dark blue and shiny chrome

Lampion chrome silbergalanz blue samtsofa

Meadows and thistles fit perfectly to the delicate vases and bottles

Stockhome collection 2017 ikea vases of hand blown glass

Back to nature with the Ikea Stockholm collection 2017

Natural materials rattan couch chair ikea stockholm collection 2017

Walnut wood eschenholz light linen ikea stockholm collection 2017

Rattankommode light ikea stockholm collection 2017

Rattan chair blue samtsofa pattern carpet ikea stockholm collection

Red samtsofa pouf dekokissen ikea stockholm collection 2017

Stewed walnut rattan

Serving light bright wood round ikea stockholm collection 2017