Shelves Themselves Putting Together – Great Examples And Smart Ideas

shelves himself assembling case

Great idea which inspire you to put together your shelves themselves

This storage space… You are every day more important and more important for the people who work in the field of Interior Design. This is in turn connected with the increased and more individual requirements of the user. Not found a solution seems to be individually.

There is always a certain subject, or a special constellation, which require differentiated area. The area which one wants to use for the shelves in one special place is top but. She has special dimensions and proportions. Also, the color can turn out very individually.

The shelf itself can disappear into the atmosphere.

But in a minimalist space can the shelves be together themselves so, that they represent the accent piece

shelves themselves putting together

Some people wants to use the shelves for books, another for accessories only. In one case, the surface must be very fine. Other people want to have the shelves on a practical level, so they turn off coffee or tea, or even food and other drinks there.

The bottom line the shelves serve as a supplement in the room. Often one wants to allow ideas or features which somehow not been fulfilled by the remaining facilities in the room.

Unconventional shelves themselves put together

shelves yourself assemble picture frames

If you have an unconventional, individual, original equipment at home, the shelf units must be so also. Putting together gives you the ability to do so. In some original and eccentric rooms, there is virtually no other chance.

In “standard” premises, however, where all usual dimensions and rules is created, you can also contribute by assembling the shelves to a special mood. You could represent the element, which appears special and unique. Some playfulness is in an arbitrary setting of fundamental importance, for this to appear harmonious and beautiful.

The best ideas take place as a result of the adjustment along the shelves

Yes, we have to admit that not only practical reasons have led us to choose this topic. We have seen there just some ideas that have a unique design.

Through this article, we want to bring them to the show.

Puzzle put together shelves themselves

shelves themselves putting together photo motif

Here we experience the magic of an unfinished puzzles. You want to show that the attraction also lies a situation in their development. The shelves floating in a heavenly manner within this fragmented New York cityscape.

Adorable children’s shelf

shelves himself assemble nursery

These shelves to the assemble itself we could accommodate in the nursery, but also in any any other room, where children often linger.  They are stylish enough and at the same time a distinctive element in itself. There you could place all items, which one wants to offer easy access to children.

Grunch put together shelves themselves

shelves himself assembling light wood

Did you forget about this style? But many people didn’t do it. You want to transfer it even inwards into the room design. The cells from wooden boards here forms a somewhat irregular image. You can place books there.  The books also provide great colorful accents on this wall of the white-dominated.

Assemble hanging shelves to the ceiling itself

shelves themselves putting together glasses

Why must the glasses are actually watching? If it is boring you, then bring everything on its head. You’ll appear as a created from clear glass, great installation in the room.

Shelves for room with many books themselves put together

shelves themselves putting together books

Many people face such a challenge. Have not too much room or in some cases a very small room. You want to place many books in this though. While the whole never to look messy. Solutions such as this one are perfect for such cases. Keep in mind, also, that the things are arranged by color or size. If it happens to you too complicated or when your book collection will be not suitable, do not worry.

For quite different types of constellation can work well. It’s quite safe. The shelves themselves are here in white and wonderfully write in minimalist character of the room.

Funny bookshelves themselves put together

shelves himself assembling Pakman

Do you want a unit such as this, which again will take you to laugh and improves you mood? Then you could put together also shelves like this here myself. The effect is not only that’s why playful, because the whole thing looks like an icon that is eating the TV. Great, it works because the bright yellow nuance in which the shelf unit has been running.

Assemble shelves around a door

shelves himself assembling tri-color

Very often you have a broad area in the room next to doors. Many are the reasons to use this uncovered areas. Sometimes that door in a hallway is or has a very wide room and finds it difficult to use it really efficiently. Here we have an example of how one can wonderful spice up so a surface by individually colored shelves in a 3D image.

White shelves make up

shelves himself assemble rectangular white

Here you have a very similar idea. We have to do, which you can put together in the varied ways with different modules. However, in this example here, it has opted for a white shade. So the shelf units in the wall sign up wonderfully.

Through the wall “warm up”

shelves himself assembling metals

This white wall, slightly warmer and inviting had to seem obvious in the eyes of the designer. One has decided for these shelves. To put together yourself it is easy. A perfect idea for its irregular design is difficult to find, so this harmonious action. What reminds you the image actually? Have you realized that you drew inspiration from the graphs, which show the rhythms of the heart?

Shelves, which show organic forms, compose yourself

shelves themselves putting together

We could not see what the author exactly when these shelves has been thinking about. The appearance is but an organic object, not find? The colors and the “capping” by the flower vase in bright yellow are close to nature.

Shelves in the dressing room himself put together

shelves yourself assemble wardrobe

Let this opportunity not ignore! Because often meet the most individual claims inside wardrobes and shelves. If you would put together, however, these yourself, you could contribute much to the order at home.

How to find always your accessories in original manner

shelves himself assembling accessories

Give your retro TV a new life

shelves themselves putting together old TV

A special flower shelves from old wooden boards

shelves themselves putting together old oak

Hanging shelf – stylish and original

shelves themselves putting together old wood metal

Don’t throw away the old wooden boxes

shelves themselves putting together on wheels

Woven boxes vertically suspended

shelves himself assemble bathroom

Unconventional shelf in the form of a tree

shelves himself assemble tree

You can attach wooden boards with old belts to the wall

shelves themselves putting together boards belt

Bookshelf times differently

shelves themselves putting together books

Look at the old Manager from a different perspective

shelves himself assembling Bookshelf ladder

A few old skateboards and the bookcase is ready

shelves himself assembling Bookshelf wheels

A strange Tower bookcase

shelves themselves putting together books Seladongrün

Small colourful cardboard shelves

shelves himself assembling colorful

Perfect for DVDs

shelves himself assembling colorful wooden modules

Triangular shapes – elegant made of stained wood

shelves himself assembling triangular

Each corner can be alive

shelves themselves putting together corner

Robust flower euro pallet

shelves himself assembling a euro pallet

Even the cat really appreciate as an Obstregal

shelves himself assemble fruit cat

You need only the old head and a bit of color and your succulent rack is finished

shelves himself assemble yellow head

If you no longer need your guitar case

shelves myself composing guitar

Beautiful, hanging kitchen shelves

shelves myself hanging assemble

You can paint the outside of the boards in any color

shelves himself assemble hanging rope

Just like the metal parts here

shelves himself assembling light wood

Old wooden beams fit perfectly into wall niche

shelves himself assembling wooden beams

Here you can gain an even better overview

shelves themselves putting together wood boards rope

In this way you can install drawers or boxes on the wall

shelves himself assembling wooden boxes

… Or this one stack

shelves himself assembling wooden boxes storage box

Such kind of shelves are very easy to make with a few wheels mobile

shelves himself assembling wooden boxes roles

A notable corridor wardrobe in bright colors

shelves himself assembling wooden pallet

The old door has got a fabulous second chance

shelves himself assembling wooden door

Simple construction made of wood

shelves themselves putting together clothes

Can you spare some corks?

shelves himself assembling Cork

Hanging herb garden

shelves themselves putting together culinary herbs

Old wood is equal to a new shelf plus bottle

shelves myself composing empty bottles boards

Smart ideas with wooden ladder

shelves himself assemble head

Decoration for real purists

shelves himself assemble head old

If you add some wood boards to the ladder, you win even more stowage space

shelves himself assemble ladder wooden boards

Stylish and awesome head and metal baskets

shelves himself assembling metal baskets wire

A nice small shelf

shelves himself assembling metal cups

Elegance and simplicity of metal

shelves himself assembling metal boxes

Bookshelf of special kind

shelves himself assembling metal tubes

Cake stands and plates you can build a unique shelf for your cosmetics

shelves themselves putting together nail lacquer shelf

An old wood Board is perfectly suited for an open kitchen shelf

shelves himself assemble open old wooden board

As well as wood pallets, cut into parts

shelves themselves build pallets glasses

It may be a little too colorful

shelves himself assemble red yellow green

Even the old carriage can become a part of your shelf

shelves himself assembling slide

A small drawer has still much to offer

shelves themselves build jewelry

Shelf and desk in IKEA style

shelves myself composing desk

The form of the shelf above all depends on your taste

shelves himself assemble drawers

Another type of the hanging shelf

shelves myself building ropes planks

Original skateboards shelves

shelves themselves putting together skateboards

A fun exhibition at the oval-shaped wall shelf

shelves themselves putting together toys

Conversely used wooden pallet

shelves themselves build pots pans

So a cooler shelf Tower from wooden hose reel!

shelves himself assembling Tower

Picture frame into each other

shelves myself building square

Define the height and the length

shelves himself assemble wall shelf

The wine boxes become fabulous Wall shelves

shelves himself building wine boxes wrapping paper

A labyrinth of chic shelf in white

shelves themselves putting together white

Elegant and original in the bathroom

shelves themselves build white boxes

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