Side Table From Wood Block – Rustic Charm In Every Room

side table wood block living room curtains

Add a rustic touch to the decor

There is nothing out of the ordinary on a side table made from wood block. Maybe you have some? It’s very amazing, when you can still see the annual rings and count them, to find out the age of a tree.  Ornaments made of wood are everywhere to see – by branch chandeliers and coat hook to wooden stools and candlesticks. Certainly each wants to have at home such a feat.

Some side tables made from blocks of wood adorn the base of the square accent table and offer a striking mix of rustic and contemporary charm. The natural beauty of the Browns blends with the wood texture of the table top and the base is used as storage space. The final look adds a touch of fresh air to your home decor.  The coffee table out of wood block by signature design is now available online.

Side table made of wood block

side table from wood block grey sofa

Rustic, carved wood to sleek, modern designs, the sculptural Nebentische add style and individuality to every room, by they serve not only as side tables, but also as bedside tables. A uch as recycled teak wood a side table can be made.

Compact reading corner in the living room

side table wood block Art Deco

Symmetrical design

side table wood block living room sofa

Art deco furniture

side table table top wood block offer

Sprayed with gold paint

Sidetable Golden wood lacquer wood block type

Bedside table and side table at the same time

Sidetable bedroom wood block bed

Supplemented with legs

side table Tichplatte table legs wood block flower vases

Interesting wood texture

side table wood texture wooden block designer

Fur carpet and upholstery

table chair seating wood block fur fur

Autumn style

Sidetable branches natural wood block pumpkins

Table in the bathroom

side table towel utensils painted wood block

Simple and comfortable

coffee table picture frame wood block rural

Reading corner in a country house style set up

Sidetable fireplace hearth wood block reading

White surface

Sidetable mural wood block girl

Cool, expressive colours in the baby’s room

Sidetable nursery white painted wood block nightstand

Wooden blocks on wheels are used as stool

side table wood block patio green Tisch party garden

Square construction of blocks of wood

occasional table square wood block square

Minimalist and fresh

coffee table book water wood block Red Apple

Natural look

Sidetable flooring rustic wood block

Kind of environment

side table from wood block Chair painting

Online units

Sidetable usually wood block simple

Armchair shows color pop

Sidetable painting wood block seating Chair

Olive leather sofa combines well with the whole look

side table table lamp base lamp wood block Sun mirror

Diverse wood texture

side table wood block textures designer

Side table to do it yourself

side table from wood block legs

From forest trees manufactured

Sidetable pink table top wood block white texture