So, The TV Becomes The Real Eye-catcher!

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TV great home theater atmosphere

So, the TV becomes the real eye-catcher!

The TV is one of the most important asset in most living rooms. Often the devices look like foreign objects which fit not quite to the room. However, there are many ways to make the area around the TV to a real eye catcher . With a suitable background lighting you can create not only a better television picture, you can turn your living room into a real home theater.

Create atmosphere with background lighting

TV hi tech with style

The TV by a LED-backlit displayis the special eye-catcher. Due to the TV program, you can use different light effects. Red light is suitable for example excellent for a romantic atmosphere with soulful Liebesromanzen.Eine blue lighting makes still radiant nature films

For football fans, a green backlight increases the Live experience

TV for an interactive experience

An exciting show with music in the program, running effects in bright colours can be switch on. So the backlight always on the current program will be matched and provides for a real home cinema experience in your living room.

colourful living room

Dimmed light as a Catcher in the room

Backlights are supplied with a remote control for the TV. This way you can change the light dimming or color during a broadcast, so new moods.

Even if the TV is off, you can use the backlight

TV of dimmed blue light

On stand by – pleasant light

azure blue background on the screen

A minimalist work of art

TV snow-white screen

Your living room is illuminated indirectly through subtle color changes, you can program the remote control. The colours of the lights shows the room in a soft light and makes the space around the TV to an additional eye-catcher.

A living room party is through a quick color change in a real celebratory mood

TV with Hintergrundbeleuchtund on the brick wall

Good for the eyes

A backlight for the TV to use, is useful not only because of the Visual effects. According to studies, the TV image with background lighting appears sharper and less tiring for the eyes. The effect of the aperture is much lower when the TV receives additional light from behind. The Assembly of the backlight is easy. She can be discreetly behind the TV or shelf.

television natural stone wall and sand-coloured floor tiles

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