Sofa Purchase: How To Choose The Right Color For Designer Sofas?

Modern sofas create a design that stands out over time with simple elegance. Even after years still the eye pleased. However, selecting the right color can be a challenge. How to find the right tone for a perfect sofa? We show how color selection becomes a children’s game.

Light or dark?

The reserved gray sofa or rather the bright blue variant? Rather light or rather dark? In general: Very dark shades and black are more susceptible to visible spots than lighter upholstery furniture. Hard to believe, but on dark sofas you can see much faster hair, fuselage and stains on the cover. However, if the favored sofa should have a dark tone, a mottled material is recommended. The fabric thus changes its hue depending on the viewing angle, so that spots do not notice so quickly.

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Undecided, the following rule of thumb can be noticed: smaller sofas such as a 2-seater or a 3-seater with a low backrest may have more unusual colors or unusual patterns. Also armchairs can be bought in bright colors. Large sofas with chaise longues or entire sofas, on the other hand, have a better effect in restrained colors. Because: large, colorful sofas often overlap all other pieces of furniture in the room. In this way, the sofa can be quickly depleted. If a gray model is simply too boring, you can put color accents with colorful cushions or a blanket.

Colorful designer sofas in living room

Room colors

Another coloring point for the color of the new cosiness island are other colors in the room. What is the color of the dining table? Which is found on the shelves? In what tones are pictures held on the wall? Sofa-seekers should pay attention to the colors in the room and re-pick them up in the sofa. This creates a restrained and pleasant color symbiosis and allows the sofa to function optimally in the room.

Timeless designer sofas can be found by the manufacturer Renetti . Traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art manufacturing methods create the highest quality, which is time-consuming.

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