Sofa With Relaxation Function – The Pixel Couch By Cristian Zuzunaga

sofa with relaxation function pixel couch

Sofa with relaxation function – modern and unique pixel design

The designer Cristian Zuzunaga is obsessed with pixels. He belongs to the new generation of designers, who have grown up with the new technologies. That’s why he has designed this original pixel sofa. It is produced by the Danish company Kvadrat and sold through Moroso.

It is an innovative design that is not really new for many people who are interested in news. It is a theme that has to do with the new digital world and opened a new perspective. It is a ultimate modern creation. The sofa looks like digital, but is very comfortable and has a relaxing function. The design is based on the smallest detail – the pixel. The designer Cristian Zuzunga belongs to the new generation of designers who have grown up with their computers, which have to do with software and learned to see everything digital. The pixel sofa with relaxation function is not a contradiction. It is an example of a successful combination of innovative, digital design and convenience. Find out for yourself!

Pixel sofa with relaxation function

sofa with relaxation function couch pixel

Digital design and comfort

sofa with relaxation function of digital

Pixel sofa and pillows

sofa with relaxation function digital couch