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Looking for something interesting on the design scene for furniture?

You are looking for furniture, lamps, accessories that serve not only a well in everyday life, but also have fun? Something interesting to offer provocative and a kind of liberation. This is certainly one of the properties which reach modern designers in this area.

Users want through their furnishing and every day experience strong emotions. It is also very important that and the guests.

The incredible Philippe Starck and his super fancy ideas

some interesting design of Philippe Starck furniture bike

Well, when we talk about Philippe Starck , it is not just about “something interesting”. His furniture is bizarre, even too fancy for many people. Did we say furniture? Actually he makes design also for things like sunglasses, bikes and juicer. Some are quite luxurious, some pretty average in terms of the price range. Whether premium or not, his subjects heavily draw attention to himself.

Green suitable design for children

Starck Grün furniture design trendy

Masculine Chair in matte black

some interesting design of Philippe Starck furniture Chair

Red metal pipes

something interesting Philippe Starck design furniture red

Metallic shine with different licence

some interesting design of Philippe Starck furniture Rau

Comfortable chair with ergonomic backrest

some interesting design of Philippe Starck furniture rattan

Alien one after

some interesting design of Philippe Starck furniture orange juice

Elegant bar stools

some interesting design of Philippe Starck furniture

Shiny seating

some interesting design of Philippe Starck furniture stool

Metallic pieces

some interesting design of Philippe Starck furniture metal

Extraordinary Chair in Orange

some interesting design of Philippe Starck furniture Orange

Ultimately, he brought three new products for Magis Italian brand on the market. They represent something interesting this that they attract attention and promote the creative power of invention of the author. The stool was created out of shiny metal.

There is also a small “Office dog”. The designer says that he symbolizes, inter alia the boredom which he felt at the school.

Some interesting, but at the same time simple and clear by Naoto Fukasawa

Naoto Fukasawa BB Italia chairs wood

Japanese designer represent an integral part of the European collections in the last decade. The most interesting name among them is Naoto Fukasawa. Because often refers to things which are characterized by the cup of clear statement and simplicity today under “Interesting”.

He through objects as inspiration for a barometer, take out his simplest aspects and puts it against

Naoto Fukosawa speed per cent degree

Simple desk with Chair

Naoto Fukasawa Office table wood Chair

Colourful, happy Chair Chair colorful padding Naoto Fukasawa

Folding, round tables

Sidetable modern Naoto Fukasawa

The tables with “appetising” form on slender, the crossed legs reminded him of a pizza. So they were named also.

The brothers Bouruleck

white chairs designs Bouroullec

Small shelves, which disappear in the wall almost look like small loops are now something interesting, which is found in more and more homes. This is thanks to artists such as this one to.

Sturdy wooden chairs

contemporary Chair wood Ronan Erwan

Exhibition of designs

design Ronan Erwan Bouroullec brothers

Bouruleck shelves white radio shelves with style arrangeddiscreet wood furniture

Bouroullec wood chairs tables designs

Compass by GAM & Fratesi

GAMFRATESI designer interesting

Now we get a creative couple to talk, which in itself represents something interesting. It is about Stine GAM and Enrico Fratesi. Experimenting with classical elements of Nordic tradition, by applying innovative materials and techniques. Both now have a common Studio and located in Copenhagen.

Workspace design

Office table Desk Chair Office

Many established brands in Europe offer their products, even though they have actually only for a short time together.

Trendy, contemporary living room

luxury Ligne Roset furniture

Garden chairs with interesting conditions

patio outdoor garden furniture chairs soft pads

Aesthetic sofa

Ligne Roset sofa design

Nubo represents his latest collection. It is part of the French brand Ligne Roset. The product can be described as something interesting and actually funny. It remind of old wooden boxes for products which show this so distinctive round shape. From the outside, they are been padded with soft, blue fabric. You can attach them to the wall. This is both practical and beautiful. Because it saves space and looks at the same time the box like a great cloud there. Just by touching them goes on and you can see the inner, also very appealing texture of wood.

Parisian humor by Vaolt and Dyèvre

lighting design Vaolt Begründung

Now we want some very exciting and forgotten representing a great accessory in the latest collection from Linge Roset. His presence brought a smile among the most viewers perfectly understandable. It’s an elegant white vessel made of lightweight aluminium and white, satin-finished varnish. This is a very successful hideout for the moments where to not immediately have the possibility immediately to hide something.

Fancy bar by Ilaria Marelli

patio outdoor furniture umbrella shade

Ilaria Marelli is a young author, an architect and designer. Whose name is becoming more popular. She has your own Studio since 2004. Both in the field of Interior design as art it operates. She works now together with companies such as Cassina, Zanotta, Bonaldo, Fiam.

Equipment for outdoor use

Ilaria Marelli yellow parasol patio design

Ruben is one of the latest products by Ilaria Mareli . It has been realized for Casamania. It’s an interesting temple, which ensures more character and special atmosphere in the room. It is characteristic for the fresh humor, with which the author creates everything. So, she creates things, which are always something interesting from the design. Functionality never remains on track. The bracket is suitable with its interesting appearance even for very elegant, modern rooms.

Contact Manager as a hanger

detail head wood clothes hang

Massive pieces of wood in the bedroom

bedroom furniture head clothing wall decoration

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