Soon – Furniture As Mobile Phone Chargers

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furniture as mobile chargers kitchen plate table reading book plate

Soon – furniture, which recharge your mobile

The Wireless charging of mobile devices is possible for several years and many people have already benefited from its benefits.

How does it work? -Furniture than mobile phone chargers

furniture as mobile chargers basket kitchen top innovative wood furniture

The base station creates an electromagnetic field. This comes through the surface of the phone, and generates an electro-magnetic field and so the phone is charged.

This option can be purchased separately for each phone. You can buy also an external box for some devices like I phones.

Even if you have an electric toothbrush about, it can be wirelessly recharges.

In the future we will need to no longer recharge all the time our mobile phone. Be must put down just the cell phone on the kitchen, side or coffee table and it will recharge there like by self.

Original designer idea

furniture as mobile chargers designer idea

The companies make consistent progress in that direction and they are approaching more and more on the target. In the United States coffee can find themselves in the Starbucks such tables. Mc donalds is testing such solutions in Europe.

Do you like the lamps and the double function as a radio watches? This can also serve as charging stations. Has been small tables also some small steps in the direction, which serve as loading areas. General Motors, Toyota and Chrysler plan to the quotation of the WIFI store on some models.

You Pont plans to introduce Wireless charging technologies. These are integrated in different models on tables, kitchen work surfaces.

Take the Cegano for example smart table

furniture as mobile chargers kitchen top innovative represent laptop

This uses wireless technology to charge the qi. It supports seven HTMI inputs.

Everyone can sit with a single display or projector connected. This can be done via touch pad built into the tables.

The table surface is designed that the fluids may harm not the built-in electronics.

Now let us look at the Tunto LED8 lamp

furniture as mobile chargers kitchen plate table reading book plate

There can be a wide, flat base, which loads the electronics on it asked.

The lamp itself is turned on at the touch. The lamp is a wonderful solution for Wireless charging. If you connect this to the wall and the lamp is located at one point, the you would anyway like to there charge cell phone.

55.63 euro – Clowdeck

furniture as mobile chargers kitchen plate audio lights

This was implemented through kickstarter. Accessories alerts you to messages, which come on the phone.

If you use Siri or Google now on your mobile phone, you can check this with your voice. The speakers of this system can play the music soft as desired.

So feel the approaching of the WIFI charging! Now you can be one of the people who contribute to their immediate arrival. Find out about the readily available solutions now!

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