Stylish And Functional Furnishings: Chairs And Tables In The Bauhaus Style

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Get to know the Bauhaus-style better

You are a true classic in the field of furniture design: facilities at the Bauhaus design are timeless and can be combined with almost any style of furnishing for almost 100 years. Just this variety it is probably thanks to, that the stylish and at the same time functional design pieces have survived the centuries and are now so popular as ever and per. The creative head, 1919 from the Bauhaus style Weimar, belonged to Walter Gropius, a German architect who was of its time in terms of modern design ideas has always been a piece ahead. Today, he is a co-founder of modern architecture. in 1919, he founded the State Bauhaus, a school of art, which was a decisive course for the future in Weimar. moved the art school of Weimar to Dessau in 1925. More historical background can be found on this page .

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Their original wedding had the stiletto between 1919 and 1933, the design experienced In the 20th century, this applies, a real revival and has since strongly influenced not only the architecture and modern graphic design, but above all the furniture industry has always been as a bridge between free and applied art. Bauhaus style furniture are modern and functional at the same time and are thus always a source of inspiration for creative minds of nowadays.

Style must be expensive

Furnishings are not that cheap. Who attaches importance to a stylish design, must it not seldom shell out a tidy sum. Cheap furniture can be, however, often miss the real charm. While it doesn’t have today already be more either cheap or stylish. Who wants to spend a little money and happy tinkering, may be so called Hartz-IV furniture build – inspired by the Bauhaus design. Hartz-IV furniture is stylish design ideas brand equity building, which can be completed with a bit craftsmanship and a few simple steps. In the rustic and cosy Bauhaus design, they go a lot visually and save the budget anyway.

Bauhaus style design order

Here an interesting interview with Le Van Bo, who himself has made that. He knows stylish furniture can be as unaffordable if the income is scarce, because today successful architect and designer from Berlin was even once Hartz IV recipients. For the Hartz-IV furniture he has designed the design at the Volkshochschule (VHS). Who has not yet discovered the artisans themselves, can do that there. VHS offers namely now special courses, where the construction of the Hartz-IV-furniture series is taught. The concept shows that a high-quality establishment taste must not fail on the necessary budget and that today anyone with a little technical skill and creative ideas stylish can set up. “Form follows Function” is the motto of the Bauhaus designer and furniture maker, that it have made to the task to make modern and stylish designs every layer of society.

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The Bauhaus style conquered again the furniture market

There are furniture styles such as sand on the sea, but if you look very closely, here and there a touch of Bauhaus flashes almost anywhere through. With the basic idea, to design functional furniture that ideally combine style and practicality, the developers and advanced thinkers of the Bauhaus style appealed to a wide layer of buyer. No wonder that the good bits soon went into mass production. Today, the picture has changed again. Bauhaus stands still for designer furniture, outfitted with form and functionality, but mass-produced real lovers and collectibles have become, which rightly bear the name of designer furniture. Each dealer for designer furniture, holding something on themselves, will have the one or the other piece in the offer and real Bauhaus fans will find it in many shops today again. Of course is also a real bargain.

Bauhaus style Office Chair white Eames

Robuste und gut verarbeitete Tische und Stühle im Bauhaus-Stil kann man unter anderem bei kaufen, wo es auch regelmäßig günstige Angebote und Rabattaktionen gibt. A true classic design is the tubular steel chair, which adapts to almost any style of furnishing in different variants. He finds himself in modern and well equipped offices and surgeries as well as in venues. For example the cantilever chair by Marcel Breuer with the Office table by Charles Eames – not only in the Office, but also in the private dining room are a nice combination.

Bauhaus style chairs furniture

Thus, the Bauhaus-style spreads out even today a multifaceted, which is second to none. Simple shapes to create a modern look that exudes charm but still timeless and therefore never really comes out of fashion. Those who opt for a piece of the Bauhaus, brings a real classic home that is not only durable enough to last for generations, but always still easily can compete even with the ideas of tomorrow. The trick the reduction to simple geometric forms such as the circle, the square and the triangle, as well as on the primary colors is red, yellow and blue, which are combined with subtle contrasts in white, black and grey. The steel pipe, which is today very cheap to produce, and thus still allows the manufacturers to offer genuine designer furniture for the small purse is the material basis.

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