Stylish Wicker Furniture A Distinctive Mediterranean Atmosphere

wicker balcony furniture hanging Chair rattan side table dark shell

Interesting facts about the wicker furniture

Wicker furniture have an unmistakable aura, which gives a warm, Mediterranean flair to the atmosphere and spread an irresistible holiday mood. Such furniture are in addition also classy and elegant and introduce the nature in a direct manner in our interior design, as well as in our outdoor areas with their bright shades and oak finish.

The real wicker furniture are very rarely made of willow. The principle is that they are made of rattan. The natural material of rattan comes from the lily-like rattan Palm, which is extensively grown in Indonesia. Rattan is processed at most furniture to Wicker first and then with a machine or hand-woven.

Invite the wicker furniture in your bedroom!

Wicker woven bed

Due to its complex processing and properties, rattan is a valuable material. Real rattan wicker furniture are typically much lighter than wood furniture and so much more flexible. You can quickly and easily rearrange themselves. His durability is one of the disadvantages of this material unfortunately. Heating air, cold and strong ultraviolet radiation are the main enemies of rattan. For this reason in recent years poly rattan wicker furniture are used rather for balcony and terrace. Here it’s a plastic netting made of polyethylene, which is completely weatherproof and durable.

Rattan with color cover

Wicker rattan Grün Retro design

If you still opted for the natural variant of rattan furniture, then you should do something for their cleaning and maintenance definitely. Otherwise, they become brittle and are additionally unpleasant noises. The main problem is the drying of the material. Here, we have some tips on how you can do something about it.

Masterful braid for your balcony

Wicker balcony furniture furniture set braided rattan chair Ottoman coffee table sofa

In the ideal case, the wicker furniture should be painted. So it can be easily dusted off and cleaned. If the wicker is but if left untreated, you should waterproof the furniture at best all two to three months. In this way, each piece of furniture is kept elastic and protected from contamination and drying out. Of course you will find numerous impregnation sprays for wicker furniture on the market. If you want to act but sustainable and eco-friendly, you can try it with home remedies. In this case, the best means – are the flax, lemon oil and beeswax. Simply apply the oils using a clean, lint-free cloth on the braid or sparingly to cover the furniture with beeswax. This natural budget move quickly and protect from drying out, holding the pipe smooth.

Love your wicker furniture and maintain it carefully! You will thank you with cosiness and summery mood.

Color splash for a cheerful summer mood

Wicker balcony furniture rattan brightly painted

Cosiness with natural materials

Wicker hanging Chair fur

Simple elegant Scandinavian style

wicker furniture wicker chairs rattan

Natural comfort for the baby’s room

Wicker rattan COTS

Intricately woven in Azure Blue

Wicker rattan bed headboard nightstand

Comfortable seating area in the garden

wicker furniture rattan garden furniture light sofa Chair

A stylish rattan furniture set for your living room

Wicker Rattan seating stool Chair

Vibrating refuge on the balcony

Wicker swing hanging seat rattan balcony

Create an undeniable eye-catcher in your home

Wicker Chair lemon yellow rattan

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