The 10 Coolest Garden Beds As A Tip Of The Editorial Office

What you should consider when buying garden beds anyway

“Garden” plus “Concerns” is equal to feel good! It must also be exactly. You do actually no compromises in garden beds. Therefore, you should already consciously choose and in eight take some important aspects when buying. Here we want to give you help and that’s why we’ve put together a guide. In our research on the net we have encountered also 10 stylish and high-quality garden beds, which we would love to advise you. You can create also your own special sun loungers according to their own taste and personal preference. The offer in the home improvement stores as well as online is huge, which is of course not necessarily bad, but often leads that you easily lose the overview.

What should you look for when choosing your garden beds?


Long gone are the days where a garden bed made from simple plastic or consisted only of a simple metal frame and fabric. Today, one used often high quality, innovative, plastic, natural fiber mixes as well as aluminum and stainless steel. Very popular and stylish they are lying from teak and eucalyptus. These tropical Woods are known with its weather-resistance and durability. Please be absolutely on the FSC seal eighth, because tropical timber is unfortunately very often from illegal clearing of the rain forests.

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Shape and design

These aspects look especially for optimum ergonomics. According to garden design and specific purposes, you can opt for a modern or for a rather nostalgic vintage design. It is important that the function has priority here in any case. A garden bed that looks just beautiful but uncomfortable is perceived as, is also a penny worth?

Make sure that the deck in any case is adjustable and make a pro out before buying.

Cushions and pads

Earlier, the requirements for the garden beds were basically made of cotton or other materials, which tolerated no moisture at all. Nowadays, we thank God have a rich choice of materials. Especially such substances which consist of nylon with Teflon-coated and equipped with a foam core, serve just perfect with more frequent rain showers. While you need at all not to remove these pads and pad and stowed. They are easy to care for and provide not only a nice use, but also for a perfect comfort.

Sun lounger in the vintage style

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Look at the 10 garden chairs on our list and consider exactly, what kind you prefer would have in your garden.

We wish you lots of fun and relaxation!

Designer garden beds Nan03 by Jörg Boner

TECK garden bed from Batyline®

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Rattan sunbed by Mucola at

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Soft bed Papilio Apple green

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The stylish Corfu Jan Kurtz sunbed

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Trendy rattan chairs at

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The Rio-mesh garden deck

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Kettler garden bed Avance aluminium with gas pressure springs and rollers

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The garden of Sun Island poly rattan

garden are black and white Edition Sun Island buy sunscreen

The ultimate designer garden chairs Vondom FAZ Tumbona, visit

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