The Baxter Sofa – Excellent Design And Highest Quality From Italy

Get to know the Baxter sofa

Made in Italy has been around for decades as a proud sign of top quality, elegant design and high quality materials. Especially when it comes to furniture. Baxter sofa can bring for example a very refined touch to your interior and provide for an exclusive feeling. Design fanatics and real connoisseurs know for a long time to appreciate the Baxter products. The Italian company has already established itself in the furniture and interior design and enjoys high popularity and popularity. Long tradition and technical know-how, combined with research lust and love for detail, are the main component of the Erflolgsgeschichte Baxter.

Elegant and a bit restrained, the sofas are very cosy and inviting. Also at this year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan, the designers who work for Baxter, your professional creativity and sensitivity have proved. Collection is 2016 Interior completely under the influence of the 7oer years. Simplicity and function take precedence here. Bordeaux red colors such as olive green, grey, Navy Blue, mustard, Brown and are gaining ground. These have calming and restrained and thus also equally precious and familiar. Again, the latest creations by designers such as Paola Navone, Draga Obradovic and Aurel K. Basedow, Roberto Lazzeroni, Antonino Sciortino, and Pietro Russo, who work for decades for Baxter, have fascinated the large audience at the international furniture fair.

Baxter sofa – “The white fairy tale” by Paola Navone

baxter sofa white sofa Italian paola navone designer

Of course working this year especially with real leather, what belongs to the unmistakable call by Baxter. It is smooth or Suede, suede or leather – for every taste something. Look and feel are in each individual piece of furniture in the Baxter collection 2016 in perfect harmony. The chic designer sofas fit especially coarse wood, brass and stainless steel as well as concrete and marble.

If you missed this event for any reason have or are now didn’t know to look up the latest trends for 2016 in terms of Interior design and furniture here in peace. And if you are so enthusiastic about the Baxter sofa as we do, then go on the official website of Baxter and learn more about their products.

Tasteful Interior in the 70’s style

baxter sofa chester sofa leather dark brown round coffee table modern lighting

Casual elegance with its nostalgic flavour

baxter sofa Italian leather sofa furniture occasional tables designer couch

The Moon at Chester sofa by Paola Navone

baxter sofa chester moon kobaltbla maritim-crystal chandelier fish tischdeko

The chic sofa is available in other colours

baxter sofa chester moon couch cream coffee table Sheepskin Chair

baxter sofa chester moon couch Italian design paola navone

Chester Tuscany in olive green

baxter sofa chester Florence olive green leather shiny

Diana Chester sofa

baxter sofa diana chester sofa round coffee table

Budapest soft Divano in dark grey

baxter sofa Italian couch budapest soft divano dark grey living room furniture round coffee table

Little Frank sofa in cream

baxter sofa dalma small Italian couch

Is also available in dark brown leather

baxter sofa tactile couch leather smooth modern floor lamp

The Godard collection by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez

baxter sofa couch Italian designer matteo thun antonio rodriguez of Selva collection

baxter asofa small couch Italian design mio

baxter sofa Italian leather couch design matteo thun

Top quality and a stylish design – made in Italy

baxter sofa white couch Italian design floor lamp carpet living room set up