The “cassettes” Retro Coffee Table By TAYBLES

A cult object becomes retro coffee table

When was you because last time saw a cassette? Already long ago, doesn’t it? And yet the memory is still present on the bygone times and brings a sweet nostalgia with it. You can probably imagine what overwhelming feelings come up as we’ve seen the unique retro coffee table by TAYBLES. This original piece of furniture is a real tribute to the popular tape that was perhaps not a perfect sound, but for many romantic moments has caused. Yes, right. Band salad was already often the case and many of our favorite albums were sometimes destroyed, but the cassette had their appeal and we all just loved it.

Inspired by this cult object of the 20th century, the three have young designer Taylor, Justin and Zach started to manufacture cassettes coffee tables made of hardwood. Transparent epoxy resin is used for sealing and be incorporated into the two holes of the “cassette” small LED lights. The indispensable tape label is different in each individual coffee table and is provided with the company logo from TAYBLES. The retro tables is available in light and dark wood tones and each individual piece of furniture has ample storage for books and odds and ends under the tabletop.

Retro coffee table with unmistakable sense

retro coffee table cassette living room ideas sofa side table

As a retro coffee table is definitely considered an undisputed eye-catcher in every living room and brings a cool, nostalgic note. The device is especially suitable to style in the 50s as well as in the pop art, because that corresponds to the “retro spirit” of the cassettes couch table just perfect. The fine hair pin legs are also quite typical of retro furniture in General and put the finishing touches to the table.

So a remarkable retro coffee table not only in your own four walls of musicians, artists and design fanatics, but he also suitable as an original gift for true connoisseurs. If you want to surprise that precisely such a person, then you can look on the website of TAYBLES or order the desired coffee table directly in the 214Graffiti online shop at Etsy.

Yes, it is very important to live in the “here and now” and to keep up with the latest trends. A nostalgic retrospective bang design with sentimental value is always a very good idea that can give much pleasure.

A tribute to the popular cassette

retro coffee table wood coffee table coffee table cassette

The undisputed catcher in the room

retro coffee table cassette beige sofa floor

Light bring even more flair LED

retro coffee table cassette tape design led lamps

The sleek hair pin legs install the cartridge even more in scene

retro coffee table wood cassette tape design

Here there is enough space even for the remote control

retro coffee table tape design storage room

A proud product of strong character

retro coffee table design wood cassette tape living room ideas

Choose your favorite colour!

cassettes retro coffee table design wood living room table

The retro coffee table in dark wood tones gives the ambience of a noble, masculine touch

retro coffee table design wood living room furniture tape

retro coffee table toband beige sofa pillow parquet living room ideas

And in light wood tones, the table looks unsubdued elegantly out

retro coffee table wood tape cassette living room ideas