The Chest As Coffee Table Gives The Space Of Romantic Nostalgia

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chest as coffee table retro antique living room

Get a chest as a coffee table

To have an old chest as a coffee table, is not a revolutionary idea in the interior design. It is a cool and sustainable matter that will introduce a distinctive vintage touch to your home but in any case. Old suitcase or chests have been something magical in itself. They remind us of magical moments to distant countries and exciting dream trips. Especially those of you who have an adventurous spirit, will appreciate really a coffee table in the living room. If you find no forgotten trunk in the cellar, you will definitely find it at a flea market or in an antique shop in the vicinity. Every single chest has its own character and her own special story. Like all other used items so a chest as coffee table ensures an unmistakable personal touch and enriches the atmosphere in a unique way.

Airborne tracks can also very trendy look on the chest

chest as coffee table Shabby Chic

Depending on what effect you are wish, you can choose the right chest. Here we have collected some options for you. The common at these chests is their robustness and convincing appearance. Firm and stable they are simply, always become the undisputed catcher in the room. They offer not only sufficient storage space, but also additional storage space. If you decide for a chest as a coffee table, you can rely on, that you easily and quickly can hide the surrounding books, blankets or pillows.

Pastel Act at the vintage particularly refined style

chest as a coffee table painted light blue

Chests can easily remodel with little effort by stroking them in any color or sprayed. In white or in some subtle pastel shades the old chests look very refined and particularly well suited to the modern, purist interior design. If you want to use a masculine, strong accent in the room but, then you should concentrate more on the darker shades. Maritime blue, dark green, blue, and black are some of the most popular colors in this context. Of course you can decide also for the authentic look and the chest left untreated, with wear traces. This variant is to recommend style especially for the Shabby chic.

So, get inspiration from these unique ideas and think about what for a chest you really want as a coffee table. And when you are ready to determine what you really want, then find it also. Lots of fun and much success!

A certain touch of luxury with gold accents

chest as coffee table coffee table Golden accents wheels

Authentic and unpretentious in white

chest as coffee table coffee table coffee table white painted

Proud and masculine in grey

chest as coffee table wood black Shabby Chic

Rugged elegance with metal profile

chest as coffee table metal shiny veneer edge banding

Natural materials with rough feel and antique furniture

chest as coffee table retro of old suitcase

A world map on the wall ensures more dynamism and sense of adventure in space

chest as coffee table retro suitcase vintage living room ideas

So sitting at a table you can also easily on a pillow

chest as coffee table sturdy antique

Design your chest coffee table according to your mood

chest as coffee table Shabby Chic blue green white edges deleted

Sisal carpet and white linen suit quite well to the vintage furnishings

chest as coffee table sisal carpet white sofas

Affect the chest even more authentic old stickers

chest as Upcycled black coffee table living room

Looks even more elegant coffee table with matching legs

chest as coffee table vintage recycled

Sophisticated and elegant in white

chest as coffee table white painted vintage

Where’s your next trip?

chest as coffee table living room masculine sisal carpet

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