The Future Is… IKEA. Furniture Trends Of IKEA Design Manager Marcus Engman

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Marcus Engman designer Manager IKEA furniture of the future

Marcus Engman, the Design Manager of IKEA, about the new trends in interior design

IKEA has already conquered the world. For this, we (and certainly also you) need no evidence. It is enough to know that the Swedish furniture company is referred to as “invisible designer of life at home”. The IKEA-style is present in 48 countries worldwide and with its mass production, the company reached the hearts of millions of people all over the world. And it is just the beginning, says the IKEA Design Manager Marcus Engman in an interview for tech insiders. He immerses us in the world of IKEA and tells about the increasing trends in the interior design.

The future of the IKEA furniture

Marcus Engman designer Manager IKEA furniture

“We are daily life of as many people to improve on the market with the aim,”, Marcus Engman, who got his first job at IKEA at the age of 16 years.

What’s behind the IKEA company’s success?

Marcus Engman designer Manager IKEA furniture design

The future is “small”

Engman defined the future, but what does it actually mean? “Small” here refers to the living area. According to studies, more and more people in a small apartment prefer to live. This sounds at first and foremost something illogical, but here is the explanation: it’s clever, it’s energy-efficient, it is pretty handy. And yet, one uses only 10% of the entire living space effectively in everyday life. The remaining 90% are in fact rarely used.

And here, a comparison is pretty accurate. Was also in the car design. Large cars were in great demand in the 90s, but today, small cars are increasingly preferred.

This trend is currently just in furniture design and IKEA knows quite well to successfully implement such tendencies.

So there is the talk of the so-called convertible home (fluid home) which only has a single room. This is not divided in different rooms, but in areas of activity. So it’s not so novel, because we know this model as “open living plan”. The modern interior design evolved in this direction. This includes but not futuristic furniture such as a sofa, which can transform also into a coffee table. The majority of people hard accept such pieces of furniture due to its complicated technology.

Sustainable design for all

Marcus Engman designer Manager IKEA furniture smart design

Furniture trends overview

Marcus Engman designer Manager IKEA furniture Smart gadgets

The future of ist…ein table

This statement needs to be explained. So, therefore the IKEA design manager thinks that the table will win back his old position in the apartment. In the past, the table was center stage in the ambience and a piece of furniture of great importance to family life. In the last few decades, the living room sofa has taken over this function, but that will change in the future, especially if one takes into account the IKEA conceptual dining table for the year 2025. It is actually much more than just a table.

The table from the Sinnerling collection should have exceptional skill for a normal contemporary wooden table. If you put cooking ingredients on the table top, the table recommends additional products for a specific recipe or the table gives ideas what you can cook the ingredients already present.

The kitchen of the future

Marcus Engman designer IKEA furniture kitchen of the future

Sinnerling table

Marcus Engman designer Manager IKEA furniture kitchen of the future

The conceptual kitchen from IKEA was inspired by a new trend and this is: “People want to be active.”

Withdraw furniture such as sofas and lounge chairs. In the future, people will invest more money in pieces of furniture that lead to active life.


The future is a mug

More specifically – the Sinnerlig jar. Marcus Engman selects annually this Krug furniture under 2000 IKEA as his favorite piece of furniture. What is so special at this outwardly simple mug? Actually, the Sinnerlig pitcher has a defect. Something went wrong with the production and varying amounts of oxygen penetrated into the oven. This is the reason why the pitchers didn’t look like. Each one comes out of the oven with a different green blue gradient.

IKEA has found ways to produce unique standard, impressive! Or?

Mind proper-Krug

Elvis Sinnerlig IKEA furniture of the future

The future of series production

Marcus Engman designer Manager IKEA furniture maker of the future

Make unique as standard

Marcus Engman designer Manager IKEA furniture pot Sinnerlig

The future is smart

It all started years ago with the advent of smartphones and this trend is no longer to stop.

Not just the phones, but also the furniture are smart. Accordingly, IKEA has designed a collection for Wireless charging , we have presented you the other day.

So we will live in the imminent future.

Table lamp with integrated pad for Wireless charging

IKEA Qi wireless charger IKEA furniture of the future

Smartphone on the plus set and charge

IKEA smart home Samsung IKEA furniture of the future

So also our furniture are smart

Marcus Engman designer Manager IKEA furniture wireless charger

Charging stations for one or three smart devices

IKEA's wireless IKEA furniture of the future

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