The Great Volcane Coffee Table Of Bellila

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Interior design Volcane coffee table storage room

The great coffee table set by Bellila

Bellila Volcane collection contains a special coffee table set, which at the same time aesthetics and functionality offers. These extraordinary tables differ in that they contain an enameled ceramic vase, which allowed the planting of plants, flowers and small trees. You can buy this fancy coffee table in all colours, which ensures the adaptation of the piece of furniture to all interiors. Bellila’ idea is a piece to incorporate nature into interior design. Thus, the room is obviously refreshes and harmonised. Another advantage of these tables is that one can undertake a personal project such as a Zen Garden, Mediterranean decoration or Bonsai. Bonsai is a Japanese art form where you planted decorative trees in containers.

The white painted ABS base of coffee table is made from French oak and is deep enough to store magazines and coffee tableware. This artistic work can be described as a peak performance, which one can admit his facility with pleasure. As an added bonus you can buy easily polishing ceramic vase a special, which is suitable for bonsai or lemon tree. The variety of benefits this artwork into an irreplaceable part of the modern, functional furniture. Below you can find photos, which will present the functionality and the uniqe design of this coffee table. We hope you enjoy photos of looking at!

Fancy coffee tables for a special interior design

interior design Volcane coffee table storage room

Modern coffee tables decorate the interior design

interior design Volcane coffee table storage white

Stylish urban furnishings

interior design Volcane coffee table storage white

Modern terrace design – colourful cushion and white Volcane table

interior design Volcane stylish coffee table

Volcane table in black with light wood finish

Volcane coffee table storage room decorating

A decorative lemon tree planting

Volcane coffee table storage tree

Plants in the container

Volcane coffee table storage plants

Volcane table rectangular

Volcane coffee table rectangular storage

Extra storage space is a luxury

Volcane coffee table much storage room

Contemporary interior decisions

living Volcane coffee table storage room

Modern interior design with the Volcane table

Volcane coffee table coffee table white modern

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