The Leather Couch – The Undisputed Catcher In The Living Room

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leather sofa leather beige white smooth sofa Chair ergonomic design

How one should properly maintain a leather couch

Real or faux leather? Because opinions differ often. Leatherette is rather preferred for many reasons like E.g. animal justice in many areas. There are already numerous vegetarian shops, where you can buy cool clothes, shoes and accessories that are 100% animal ethical lately. We’re also completely convinced of this ethic. Still we must admit one: real leather is simply impossible to imagine on the leather couch. What makes leather so special?

Other than often believed, a sofa with genuine leather is more durable and easier to clean than many other variants. If handled properly, remains a high-quality leather in perfect condition and will be even more beautiful with time. Consider also a lot. Sure we will be a bit later.

Timeless elegance and optimum comfort

leather sofa leather smooth Orange

Of course, type of leather and furniture design are always a matter of taste. The main variations in the genuine leather two – however, are smooth and rough leather. Smooth leather is more likely to recommend in most cases. On the one hand, this leather is very durable, on the other hand it feels soft and supple. It too is easily dyed and offers a diverse range of color in this way. Anilin-, semi-aniline and leather are the most preferred types of leather used on a leather couch.

The rough leather, however, feels somewhat samtiger. It is not as elastic as smooth leather. The hook here is that Suede is usually much more sensitive. For this reason, it is often coated with polyurethane. With this seal, the delicate surface is protected from moisture. The best-known types of rough leather is nubuck, suede and suede.

Minimalist clarity in white

leather sofa leather smooth white minimalist design

Real leather is easy to clean. Nevertheless, you will need a few useful tips in any case.

Care for leather sofa

Once a week, wipe the leather with a soft cotton cloth. At least once per month, you should clean the coffee with a damp cloth. Be careful with the strong cleaning agents! Shoe Polish, turpentine or solvent are forbidden on the leather. Instead of this, you should use a special leather care agents for cleaning.

Soft texture and open brick wall for a harmonious contrast in the living room

leather sofa leather dark brown brick wall

If you notice dirt, scratch and scrape them definitely. What you can do best in such cases is the use of rubber brush or colorless erasers. If you spill any liquid onto the couch, wipe this away immediately. If the leather is rough, you can clean this even with a vacuum cleaner. Fatty licking can be very gently dabbing with a diluted vinegar essence and remove.

Protect your leather couch from direct light and put them away from heating to no discoloration on the surface.

Valuable and precious with classic design

leather sofa Brown smooth leather luxury design

What should you consider when buying a leather sofa?

First, check the feel. Feel with your fingers, how soft and smooth feel to the surface. A clear sign of good quality of leather is the material’s ability to adapt quickly to the body temperature.

Then you do test it out. Take time. Test the ergonomics of the sofa and take a different seat poses.

Now perform the color test. Slightly dampen a cloth and press it for about 1 minute on the leather. If the cloth will be white, then the couch later no longer rubs off.

So, you take care of your leather couch and she will thank you with coziness, comfort and numerous, quiet moments.

Masculine appearance in dark blue

leather sofa leather smooth dark blue

Legendary Chesterfield Sofa in passionate Red

leather sofa Chesterfield Sofa red leather

Futuristic design in black and Red

leather sofa leather smooth black red futuristic design

Real leather sofas are more beautiful with time

leather sofa leather natural vintage design

Stylish and elegant seat modules

leather sofa leather red round shapes of Ottoman

Flexible and compact in design

leather sofa leather black leather smooth round flexible modern

Spacious and comfortable in polar white

leather sofa leather white Glat generously comfortable

When the two-seater is sufficient

leather couch black leather smooth modern design

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