The Modern Dresser As A Stylish Idea For More Storage Space At Home

To increase the storage space in a room, you can get dressers. In addition, dressers are so versatile today that you can find a suitable model for any room, which completes the interior design beautifully. However, chests of drawers differ greatly from one another… Not only in design but also in function. If you are already looking for a dresser, then take a look at our today’s post! Maybe the following tips will help you to find a nice and modern dresser for your home.

Transform the modern chest of drawers into a beautiful eye-catcher with matching accessories

modern dresser drawers nicely decorated

The dresser as an all-rounder in any room

Let’s be honest: In every room in the modern apartment, the space is often simply not enough! Living room and bedroom, children’s and dining room, as well as corridor need functional pieces of furniture, which create order and overview.. Dressers are these furniture, which help you to better organize the room.

But it does matter which room you need this piece of furniture for. Because even the design is different depending on the. So chests of drawers could also fulfill several functions. For example, the sideboard in the living room is a lowboard in most cases. in the bedroom In contrast, the dresser often fulfills the additional role of a make-up table.

Which design you choose depends on what you use the dresser for. For example, sideboards are larger and deeper than dressers. And highboards are another alternative for the home, helping you to better organize the space.

A modern chest of drawers in light wood tones refreshes the sleeping area

modern dresser drawers wood minimalist

Such a retro dresser revives wonderful the living room design!

modern dresser creative design open shelf drawer

Choose a design that suits your needs

Do you need a chest of drawers or drawers? Or maybe both? When choosing the dresser you should consider a few things. In the first place, it is important that the dresser fits the available space. Because even the small bedroom needs a suitable chest of drawers. Module cabinets are a great alternative, because you can put them together and insert them into any room. Dressers that can be tilted are not always practical and therefore not the best solution. On the other hand, drawers with drawers are particularly popular. But in one simply furnished living room a minimalist chest of drawers pairs better with the interior inventory than another! Take care of the furnishing style! Nobody likes interior design mistakes, right?

Minimalist dresser nicely complements the bedroom interior

modern dresser wood stylish simple

You have to choose among so many designs! Do you prefer a timeless design in stylish wood tones or are you more into something extravagant in a striking color? You have great freedom in choosing your dresser, but we guarantee that you will be spoiled for choice!…

Industrial highboard gives the living area its own charm…

modern dresser vintage industrial hanging lamp white stone wall

Finally, we want to advise you: Be very careful when choosing the dresser, because this actually affects the interior design! And of course do not forget to decorate these appropriately!

Use the dresser as a bedside table in the sleeping area

modern dresser white bedroom bin ideas

White dressers have a wonderful appearance in the room

modern dresser functional furniture bin ideas

A dresser in crass color brings a fresh flair to the interior design

modern dresser yellow doors drawer

Gentle nuances for the chest of drawers in the hall select for a fresh and inviting effect

modern chest of drawers light blue drawers beautiful handles

Retro design in stylish color combination

modern chest of drawers retro style dark blue accents
modern dresser red doors large storage space
modern dresser bedroom bedside table function
modern dresser nicely decorated living area storage bin

A dresser with drawers provides a large storage space

modern dresser beautiful handles dark green design
modern dresser floating design blue
modern dresser vintage light green drawers
modern dresser vintage old look

Be creative and design your dresser beautifully!

modern dresser white brown color contrasts
modern dresser white drawers wall mirror
modern dresser living room sliding doors
modern dresser white decorated ornaments

Choose the most suitable design

modern dresser white sideboard living room dining room
modern chest of drawers living room ideas
modern dresser classic design drawers
modern dresser bathroom functional bathroom furniture