The Wing Chair – Timeless Comfort And Homely Elegance

armchairs Cadeira Carl Hansen

What kind of wing Chair do you actually need?

If you want to create a quiet haven in your home, there is a possibility of never wrong make the wing Chair. It is simply the perfect place where you can read your favourite book, enjoy a fragrant tea or just gather your thoughts. Everyone needs sometimes time just for themselves and therefore also a certain place for letting go. To be honest, we can imagine more an apartment without a comfortable armchair. This piece of furniture prevailed for a long time in the Interior and has witnessed a significant development.

Elegance in fine leather by Hans j. Wegner

armchairs leather designer Hans J Wegner style

Each stiletto has their special chair shapes created – so for example the chaise longue in the Rococo, the Club Chair in the Art Déco or the lounge chair from the 50s of the 20th century. Thus, also the classic chair design were born. Many of them are also very popular and have even a high collector value. The Winchester is one of the most famous armchairs . He is always made of high quality leather. True connoisseurs adore him and want to have him in any case.

The armchairs have large ear-like Auspolsterungen in the head area and originated in England, where they previously faced the British fireplaces. The triumphal March of the ear Chair really competed in the 17th century. At that time, the nobles have discovered that the buckles on the backrest offer a very practical protection from the draft. Since then is this Chair of one of the most popular ever.

Cool retro design – the Froxfiel Chair Parker Knoll

wing Chair Parker Froxfield Knoll striped upholstered retro look

Choosing your Chair, you should consider a lot already. It is important to clarify which function is to play the furniture before. Where it will be, in what style should be and what materials would you have it. We would like to explain some things about the last point. Natural products and materials are quite popular lately. They are also connected to the green lifestyle and contiguous with the eco-friendly way of thinking.

Genuine leather, cotton, silk or linen feel very pleasant on the skin and at the same time provide an optimum moisture control. But unfortunately, with furniture, you have some disadvantages. The surfaces are natural, they are also the strapazierbarer. You can change also their color over time, especially when they are in the Sun. For these reasons, we recommend you to choose such materials, which are a mix of natural and synthetic fibers for your wing Chair. If you stand on leather, you should consider whether you do not opt for a high-quality synthetic leather.

The robust Cadeira Chair by Carl Hansen

armchairs Cadeira Carl Hansen

Today, we have collected some elegant wing Chair for you, should provide inspiration. Some are true classics, others are more modern, but they all feature a stylish design and are especially comfortable and cozy.

The distinctive Eames Lounge Chair

wing Chair of design classic Eames chaise lounge chair black leather elegant wood

Classic design in fabric and leather – the summer set by Duresta

armchairs Duresta Chair summer set

One of the most famous armchairs worldwide – the Winchester wing Chair

Winchester classic genuine leather wing Chair smooth

A different designer classic – the egg Chair by Arne Jacobsen

armchairs egg Chair Arne Jacobsen

Elegant William and Mary chairs

armchairs English design William Mary

Chic French design for your living room or bedroom

armchairs upholstered French design motifs

Cool, contemporary chairs by Hooker From

armchairs white padded rivets Hooker From

Massive Chippendale Chair in smooth orange color

Wingback Chair classic Chippendale Chair padded velvet

The Paxton chairs – a perfect combination of comfort and luxury

comfortable wing Chair Paxton leather

Queen Anne wing Chair for true vintage lovers

armchairs upholstered Queen Anne Chair

Ease and comfort with the rattan chair from Pottery Barn

wing Chair Pottery Barn rattan

Scandinavian flair with an elegant armchair by Devon

armchairs retro look white Devon linen upholstered

Masculine in black leather by Ethan all

wing Chair black leather classic Madhav all

The retro design of Markus Krauss

wing Chair traditional Krauss Chair rivets

Futurism kissing Vintage – the zero gravity Chair by Ubiquo design

armchairs vintage Ubiquo design zero gravity Chair