Thonet Chairs – The Beginning Of Modern Furniture History

What makes Thonet chairs so special and timeless?

Many designers, professionals and furniture fanatics have sought the answer to this question as we. This is not only in one aspect, as you can also expect, but in a whole series of them. With the invention of the unique process for the production of the so-called bentwood furniture was laid the Foundation of modern furniture history. In 1830 the Carpenter Michael Thonet has used this technique for the first time, while using steam bent solid wood. So the legendary coffee house Chair was born a bit later, we all have seen cafes, OMA, in museums or at friends and acquaintances often vintage. Precisely, this Chair has paved the way for all other Thonet chairs. Since 1889, the company and production headquarters of the family-owned company Thonet is located in Frankenberg, where the eponymous Museum is situated.

Nowadays, numerous showrooms exist in many cities in the world such as Amsterdam, London, Düsseldorf, Vienna and Dubai by Thonet. Renowned international designers worked for years for Thonet and create new and newly interpreted pieces of furniture, which carry the proud furniture brand. Not for nothing have some Thonet chairs and more the most prestigious awards for design furniture creations of the company won – such as the German design award and the interior innovation award.

Thonet chairs in the living room: mid-century kisses industrial

thonet chairs design classic coffee house Chair dining table wall living room of leather sofa zeigelsteine

This joins is also the Green Globe certificate for sustainable behaviour of the company. That means as much as: the production and disposal of Thonet products pollute the environment hardly and it be noted also the social and economic circumstances in the working process. With the exclusive use of renewable energy sources, Thonet has a minimal environmental footprint and is also Green Globe Gold member since 2015.

The classic Thonet chairs match almost any décor

rustic thonet chairs dining room dining table vintage style

Thonet chairs and furniture creations on IMM Cologne 2017

Of course Thonet was furniture also at this year’s IMM Cologne fair. The “massive ease” and optimal functionality in addition to the perfection in design and the attention to detail have made once again beat the hearts of all professionals and design lovers. Holistic interior design concepts in the Bauhaus style with comfort seat and minimalist touch – much solid wood in bright shades, fine leather decorated in muted tones and high-quality fabrics with soft feel have set the tone for the new season.

Here were of course the well-tried and widely popular cantilever. For the first time in the 1930s by Marcel Breuer for Thonet designed the chairs tubular steel have lined up very quickly their triumphal March around the world. The classics there are 32 without S and S 64 with armrests, which are a combination of tubular steel, wood and cane or covered with leather and fabric can be.

Thonet chairs – the news on the IMM Cologne 2017:

And if you still not chairs come in enjoy of the Thonet, you can still do it. Look at just about on the official website of Thonet alone and find your Designfavoriten!

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Design icon par excellence: the famous coffee house Chair

thonet chairs dining table buchholz mid century design classics Viennese style

This Chair was also the first creation by Michael Thonet

thonet chairs of design classics wood Chair production

The famous Thonet Chair is more than 150 years as one of the world’s most successful industrial products

thonet chairs design classic wood dining table

With its elegant, minimalist and yet noble profile each individual coffee house Chair by Thonet looks simply spotless

thonet chairs design classics dining table Wood Dining chairs brick wall

Curved shapes and natural materials

thonet chairs coffee house Chair 214

Thonet chairs make a good figure, especially in the dining room or in the living room

thonet chairs design classics mid century style living room dining room dining table

But also on the make-up and work table they fulfill their function simply perfect

thonet chairs mid century design classics Viennese style

Thonet chairs in their wood finish are a successful addition to the Scandinavian style of living

thonet chairs kitchen dining table plastic Scandinavian live

These furniture pieces are simply indispensable for real retro and vintage fans

thonet chairs design classic premium bending wood

That’s why Thonet chairs are also often in the Interior of many cafés and restaurants present

premium coffee house Chair thonet design classics

Refined Designharmonie and perfect functionality in one

thonet chairs design classics curved solid wood beech wood coffee house Chair

Thonet chairs in bright colors

thonet chairs design classics colorful colors bending wood solid wood

Coffee House Chair “405 PF” by the designer Stefan Diez

thonet chairs design classics 405 pf model

Chair “404 F” by Stefan Diez – a tribute to the classic Thonet chairs

thonet chairs of designermöbel 404f Chair stefan diez

And here come the cantilever!

workroom cantilever tubular steel furniture home office desk laptop

Perfect for work rooms and Office rooms, but also even for the children’s room

cantilever thonet chairs of designermöbel nursery

Thonet Chair S32

thonet chairs design classics tubular steel furniture of cantilever s32

Cantilever chair model S553

thonet chairs of cantilever s

The elegant management chairs S 845

thonet chairs design classics management chairs s 845

Timeless Designtraum with a long tradition

thonet chairs chair upholstered premium steel pipe