Trolleys Rubik’s Cube By Fábio Teixeira

trolleys Rubik's cube Rubik

Trolleys of Rubik’s cube by Fábio Teixeira

Many new products of modified, t whose designer inspired by the Rubik’s cube are held each year. Of which we would like to introduce today one. It’s about the Rubik’s cube by the Brazilian designer Fábio Teixeira trolleys. The Rubik’s cube was invented in 1974 by Hungarian engineer and architect Ernő Rubik and became a very popular game during the 80s. In 1980, the Rubik’s cube was awarded with the Special Prize best solitaire game of the game of the year critics prize. Since then many people to solve the cube and at the same time to demonstrate their IQ test. The Rubik’s cube was sold more than 900 million times and has lost much of its popularity even today.

The project by Fábio Teixeira is a do-it yourselfers. A side-table, which is a precise, oversized copy of the Rubik’s cube. The table can be put together and taken out, according to the tastes of the buyer. So customized and original of the Rubik’s cube coffee table is an asset to any modern interior décor. Would be at your home place for him?

Coffee tables custom Rubik’s cube

side tables coffee table Rubik

Suitable even for dessert

Rubik side tables coffee table

Many modules and parts

side tables coffee table Rubik

According to your own imagination

Rubik side tables coffee table

Conveniently packaged as a cube

side tables coffee tables coffee tables